MUST HEAR: Clifford Carnicom on the Morgellons Condition [audio]

Transitions Radio Magazine

Longtime independent researcher of Aerosol Spray Operations aka Chemtrails, and Founder of the Carnicom Institute, Clifford Carnicom offers his research and gives basic information on an underlying organism or pathogen of the so-called “Morgellons Condition” that may be present in almost everyone’s blood. A sub-micron bacteria-archaea-like organism appears to underlie the existence of the so-called “Morgellons” condition. There are five segments, as indicated and dated 07/07/11.

The focus of Clifford’s study remains on the influence of the organism internal to the body vs. external manifestations. The Carnicom Institute (CI) is a not for profit corporation educational and research organization, that was further introduced and discussed about for our Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) audience in January 2013, featuring CI founder, Clifford Carnicom, and Research Associate, Doctor Jim McClure, with a relevant update on Morgellons and the CI mission. There are also four more recent segments, dated 01/14/13 now available

Segment 1 – 07/07/11 [ 13:25 ]   Download

Segment 2 – 07/07/11 [ 13:39 ]   Download

Segment 3 – 07/07/11 [ 14:00 ]  Download

Segment 4 – 07/07/11 [ 12:21 ]  Download

Segment 5 – 07/07/11 [ 13:19 ]  Download

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