Truth About Drivers Licence and Licence Plates [video included]

by Frankie Gotz
Canadian Awareness Network

March 16, 2013

First you get a birth certificate when you were born. Later you use the birth certifcate to obtain different forms of identification such SIN cards, Health cards and Drivers Licenses.
Click HERE for previous video report on Birth Certificate.

When one goes and gets their licence they do a test which costs a fee. Once they pass the test they are issued a licence. When they sign to get that piece of plastic known as Driver’s Licence and/or Government identification, they are actually signing a contract agreeing to follow the rules and regulations of the “Highway Traffic Act”. That is where all the different fines and punishments are found when it’s comes to Drivers on the highway or road. By you getting a drivers licence it defines you as a driver and your automobile as a ‘motor vehicle’ under the Highway Traffic Act.

Driving is defined as a privilege (and not as a right) under Highway Traffic Act.

What is a right? A right is defined as something one can do. They are absolutely important for freedom of the people in that they provide a dividing line between the state and them.

Privilege – A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to one person or group of people.

Side note: privileges can be taken away.

Definitions of Automobile :

“An automobile may be used as a common carrier, a “private” carrier, or a personal “private conveyance”.
~ Gillingham v Ohio River 14 SE 243

“The automobile connotes a pleasure vehicle designed for transportation of person on highway.”
~ American Mutual Liability Ins. Corp v Chaput 60 A. 2d 118 @ 120 95 NH 200

Side note: Automobile is one’s own property used for mechanical transportation for travel.

Definitions of Motor Vehicle :

“The term motor vehicle is different and broader then the word automobile.”
~City of Dayton v De Brosse 23 NE 2d 647@650 62 Ohio Apl. 232

“Automobile for “hire” s a motor vehicle… used for the transportation of persons which enumeration is received.”
~ International Motor Transit Co. v Seattle 251 p.120

“Motor vehicles such as sight seeing cars, taxicabs and others which are employed in carrying all persons applying for transportation.”
~ Gillingham v Ohio River 14 SE 243

Motor vehicle … drawn by mechanical power and “used for commercial purposes” on the highways in the transportation of passengers and property.”
~ Title 18 USC 31
Side note: Motor vehicles are cars used to make profit, such as buses and taxi’s.

Driver – One employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon or other vehicle.
~ Bouviers Law Dictionary

As read above, you can see that automobile and motor vehicle are different. Automobile is one’s own property used for mechanical transportation for travel and motor vehicle is a mechanical transportation device used to transport people and/or property for money. A driver is someone who is employed in using a motor vehicle to transport people and property for financial income.

When one registers their automobile to the Ministry of Transportation they are waiving their property rights and give ownership to the Crown. Once the licence plates are on the automobile it officially makes it a motor vehicle and property of the Crown pursuant to the Highway Traffic Act.

Licence – A privilege to do some particular act or series of acts on land without possessing any estate or interest therein and is ordinarily revocable at the will of the licensor and is not assignable.
The permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal, a trespass, a tort or otherwise not allowable.

Side note: licence can be taken away

In conclusion by you getting a licence you are waiving your right to travel and converting into a privilege which can be taken away by the licensor by not complying with licensor’s rules and regulations. By you registering your automobile to the Ministry of Transportation you are waiving your property rights and giving ownership to the Crown as soon as those plates are put on the back and front of the car.

For full video report that goes into more detail please click ‘play’ button below:

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