VIDEO — RED ALERT!!! Earthquake Triggered Nuclear Hellstorm Awaits America

Alexander Higgins
April 23, 2013

http://b4in.info/h2Pd – That’s right boys and girls. Just one more thing from the NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Fukushima that the troll dens and shill networks won’t tell you.

What we find in this particular case is that President Obama called for several studies to be done following the meltdowns in Japan. Obama knows all about the SFP levels that have been accumulating over the years that are now at all-time dangerous levels. He knows all about the SFPs that are NOT earthquake ready.

But Obama and others in positions of authority simply choose NOT to act on it. Just like President Obama and multiple alphabet agencies did with the knowledge of the radioactive plume and fallout heading for America back in March of 2011.

Again, there is a full-court-press-information-blackout among all sectors of media in regards to the information contained within the NRC Freedom of Information Documents. Two years have elapsed and the massive government and industry orchestrated cover-up that has resulted in an estimated 65,000+ AMERICAN fatalities, all proven in the NRC FOIA documents, has gone unnoticed. Estimates range as high as 1.3 million deaths by the year 2030.

To experience this blackout firsthand, simply forward my NRC FOIA screencaps around and see how they are ignored. I have plenty at my wordpress blog ‘Uncovering Plume-Gate’ here: http://plumegate.wordpress.com/

And please read the Robert Alvarez study “Spent Nuclear Fuel Pools in the U.S.: Reducing the Deadly Risks of Storage”…you will be shocked: http://www.ips-dc.org/reports/spent_n…

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