VIDEO — Autopsy Report on Teen Who Died Taking Ayahuasca. What Really Happened? Follow-Up

The Truther Girls
April 28, 2013

Please help Kyle Nolan’s father get a copy of the written autopsy report by donating here

I have spoken to Kyle Nolan’s father, Sean, and to another man who met the ‘shaman’ maestro Macoluto himself and did ayahuasca under his supervision (or lack thereof, rather). Their testimonies show that the brew Kyle took was likely a standard one with no unusual ingredients and it is pretty much impossible the brew itself could have killed him. However, it appears that Mancoluto was known to leave his clients unsupervised. It is likely Kyle’s death was due to foul play or an accident, but his father needs to raise the money to get a copy of the autopsy report. Please help out so Kyle’s family can know what happened to their son.

Links for more information:
My previous video on Kyle Nolan’s death and ayahuasca:
Blog post after my interviews with Sean Nolan and a person who had taken ayahuasca with Macoluto (Macoluto himself did not actually take any)

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