TV Ontario interview on electricity distribution and smart grid

Canadian Liberty
May 11, 2013

The Agenda with Steve Paikin: David McFadden: Electricity’s Smart Future
TVO | May 1, 2013


David J. McFadden, co-author of the “Renewing Ontario’s Electricity Distribution Sector” report, discusses Ontario’s uniquely complex and inefficient electricity system, and what needs to change so that it can support the province’s economic future.

The guest is talking about reducing the number of power distribution systems to a much smaller number. Would this require seizing control over them by a centralized government-empowered monopoly? He hopes it can be done voluntarily. I guess the corporatocracy can do whatever it wants – eventually.

This whole discussion is about smart meters and smart grid. The most stomach-churning part of the interview is when he paints smart meters as a way of providing more choice to consumers. But of course it is an invasion of privacy and is going to allow remote interference and monitoring of our power use.

Please note: He expects everyone to have electric cars in the future – for some reason – actually because our society is centrally planned more than ever. And every night when we plug in our car, it might disrupt the old-style power grid. This is one of his explanations for why we need the smart grid.

Talk about collectivism! You’d think by now we could all have our own independent power source! But everything is moving in the opposite direction. Isn’t it amazing?

If you plug your car in, you might disrupt the network, or we might need to drain off some of your power, so therefore you must have the smart grid. Don’t you want to live in a utopia?

So we’re talking about massive centralization of our electricity system, as well as electronic surveillance and control over our energy use.

In my opinion, this is actually just getting us ready for not having enough energy – or enough money to pay for more expensive energy. And one reason for centralization and the smart grid is to “efficiently” manage an artificially created scarcity of electricity – caused by shutting down coal plants for instance.

And all of this is going to be sold to us as “choice” – as if we have a choice – with never-ending streams of propaganda telling us how empowered we are.


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