Carnicom Institute Quarterly Newsletter, April 2013 [videos included]

May 8, 2013


April 2013                  http://www.carnicominstitute.org/                         Issue 5

Carnicom Institute Quarterly Newsletter, April 2013


Two Windows

In this newsletter, Carnicom Institute offers you a window into our present work from two perspectives: our research and our financial needs.

Indeed, these two aspects of our work go hand in hand. In order to engage in the research that is urgently needed, a greater financial commitment from the public is paramount. So this issue of our newsletter will present both a Window on Our Research, as well as a Window on CI Financial Support: Your Opportunity to become a Carnicom Institute Subscriber.


Clifford Carnicom at work

 Window into Our Research:

Morgellons : A Working Hypothesis
Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption


A body of evidence, accumulated over a period of several years, reveals that the Morgellons condition is likely characterized by a host of serious physiological and metabolic imbalances.  These imbalances are caused by the disruption of a variety of major body processes including, as a minimum, the regulation of metabolism by the thyroid, potential liver enlargement, a decrease of oxygen in the circulatory system, the utilization of amino acids important to the body, the oxidation of iron and a potential impact to neural pathways.  The impact of this degradation to human health can be concluded to be serious, debilitating and potentially lethal in the cumulative sense; the reports of those who suffer from the condition are in alignment with these conclusions.  This article will summarize the body of work and chronology which leads to this more comprehensive hypothesis.

Caption: The graph above is showing a signature of chemical and structural composition of an oral filament sample characteristic of the “Morgellons” condition.

It is now understood, to a relatively high level of confidence, the essential molecular and chemical composition of the Morgellons biological filamentous material. This knowledge is a prerequisite to understanding at least a portion of the impact to the body and human health. It now appears, from all available research, that this determined molecular composition can be summarized in the following complex phrase:
Read the rest of the research paper here:


Additional Research Paper Summaries:

January 2013 – Infrared Spectroscopy – Culture Confirmation


An elderly, but wonderfully functional, Perkin Elmer 1320 infrared (IR) spectrophotometer has been acquired by the Carnicom Institute.  This class of instrument has been sought after for many years by this researcher and organization.  The value and purpose of an infrared spectrophotometer (along with other instruments as well) is that it can be used to gain insight into the molecular structure of organic compounds.

January 2013 – Environmental Filament: Keratin Encasement


It can now  be established with a high degree of certainty that the external casing of the environmental filament samples are composed of keratin or a keratin-like material.  This supposition has been in place for a number of years by this researcher; it can now be demonstrated to be the case by direct chemical and  spectroscopic means.

January 2013 – Environmental Filament Penetration


An improved method of penetration of the environmental (airborne) filament sample has been achieved. This accomplishment provides a pathway to an increased understanding of the structure and contents of the fibers.  Numerous studies have been reported on the nature of this filament material over the years on this site. This material is the same type of material that was sent to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over a decade ago.

January 2013 – Environmental Filament: False Report


It is now appropriate to disclose the circumstances involving a laboratory report on an airborne filament sample that was paid for in the year of 1999.  This report was issued jointly, by three separate companies, and they shall remain anonymous at this time.  It is now appropriate to present this information as the conclusions of the report are undeniably false.


Recent Interviews

Russ Tanner, Chemtrails Global Skywatch

On February12, 2013:  Clifford Carnicom, an early Morgellon’s researcher, participated as a guest speaker in an interview with Russ Tanner through Global Skywatch Communications.  Clifford is a research pioneer providing scientific evidence and confirmation of the connection between geoengineering and bioengineering.  Carnicom Institute now has a body of research that establishes a link between airborne environmental filaments and biological samples from Morgellon’s sufferers.

In the interview, Clifford expressed a renewed hope for reliable and focused solutions to serious environmental and health issues.  This optimism is based on the Institute’s recent acquisition of some key laboratory equipment and office space.   With recent donations and the research progress, we are in the process of revealing a scientific fingerprint of the unusual filaments found both in our environment and in the bodies of human beings.

Whether you are new to the idea that geoengineering is linked to Morgellon’s condition or you are well versed on these serious issues, you will want to hear the most recent presentation by visiting:


Other Recent Interviews:

  • European TV Interview – an onsite media session with a public TV crew from Europe in March; we will keep you abreast of any productions that might ensue.
  • KSFR Camp Lovewave Interview – Clifford will be interviewed on a local FM radio station at the end of April.
  • Clifford was interviewed by Dan Lefkowitz on WVEW, Brattleboro Community Radio, in Vermont.  We plan to make this interview available on the website in the near future.
  • Pathologist visit from Europe – an extended discussion with a European pathologist was held at the Institute office in Santa Fe in March.

NEW VIDEO: The Carnicoms’ Trip to the Grand Canyon, Summer 2012

The Carnicoms spend as much time as they can camping and hiking. Clifford filmed last November’s descent into the Grand Canyon so that you too could come along.  Relax to the melodies which accompany this lovely nature video: “A Grand Ceremony: A Descent into the Grand Canyon.”   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snhFUxLnZ5o


Window on CI Financial Support: Your Opportunity to Become a CI Subscriber

Carnicom Institute is poised for growth.  Early this year we moved into our first external designated lab/office space in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This is due to the gift of a few generous anonymous donors.  Prior to this, all lab work had been done by Clifford Carnicom in the lab/office in his own home.  Carnicom Institute is extending its priorities to include the urgent need for funding to accelerate the research.

Our ability to inform and influence the public and to promote our work is greatly magnified by your gift of subscription. If just two individuals on this mailing list will subscribe to Carnicom Institute at $10/month, it will support a day of research at the Institute office. Time and funding for research remains limited without additional support, and the progress of our work underway is directly affected by your contributions. You can make a difference.

Please take advantage of this opportunity now by becoming a subscriber at the most generous level that you can afford. The world is calling to us; if we don’t respond, the results are unthinkable.   We invite you, as someone who cares enough about our work to be on our present mailing list, to become a subscriber to the Carnicom Institute.  The world stands to be a better place by your gift of continuing support!

Subscribe to Carnicom Institute by clicking the subscribe link found on the bottom of the home page:


We’d like to offer you a gift in exchange, knowing, however, that our real offering to you is the research done by Mr. Carnicom, the results of which will benefit the health and well-being of all.

  • A monthly pledge of $10 entitles a new subscriber to receive the CI “Cloud Cover” DVD.
  • A monthly pledge of $20 entitles a new subscriber to receive the CI “Cloud Cover” DVD and a cap embroidered with the CI logo.
  • A monthly pledge of $35 entitles a new subscriber to receive the CI “Cloud Cover” DVD, a cap embroidered with the CI logo, and a set of beautiful nature photography greeting cards.Your pledge is greatly appreciated and it enables the Carnicom Institute to continue its valuable research into the health and environmental issues of our times.  Sufficient pledges will also permit us to begin providing webinars to the public on current research topics.


Morgellons Research Project Update: Participants Needed for Group 3

Many of you already know about and some of you are participating in our Morgellons Research Project. We have roughly 200 people who have submitted a request to be in the project and we are moving people through its three phases.  We are still in need of people to populate Group 3, which is the group that has some Morgellons symptoms but is not showing skin lesions or filaments.  If you think you might fit that description, please consider volunteering to be part of the project.  To find out more about the MRP, please go to:


If you would like to participate in the project, please write to us at: info@carnicominstitute.org.

The results of our study will do a great deal to give the Morgellons condition the scientific legitimacy it deserves. Thank you for your consideration of our request, for we cannot do this without you.

We are in the process of meeting standards set by the National Institute of Health for research done upon human subjects.  At this time, our attention is turned toward this credentialing process.  Activity on the MRP will resume once this is completed, which we expect will be in May or early June.


Environmental Filament Study

A unique environmental filament material has been documented on numerous occasions for more than a decade. It has been observed both airborne and at ground level.  In approximately two months, Carnicom Institute will begin conducting a comprehensive scientific investigation of filament samples. We are asking the public to provide these samples and we need your help. Please follow this link to get involved.



Window into CI – Staff Updates

Susan Finer, associate, a treasured volunteer who has given so much to CI, has decided to move on due to many other responsibilities in her work and life.  We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Susan for her great contribution to CI.  It has been a joy to work with her and she will be missed!  We wish her the very best always.

Ryan Hannigan, associate, has initiated the design for a laboratory heating unit and he is working with Gary Sundby on this project.  He has also developed some special gift items for our donors.   Due to Ryan’s efforts, CI can now offer a baseball cap and a tote bag embroidered with the CI logo.  The hat is made of organic cotton.

Kate Willens, associate is helping to manage day to day operations of the Institute. She coordinates the Morgellons Research Project and contributes to our newsletters and other corporate communications. She is also active in recruiting and training volunteers.

Gary Sundby, member has been very busy with a multitude of projects of a highly technical nature.  He has been very creative in making an inexpensive pen to be used with our newly acquired IR spectrophotometer.  Normally the pens for this machine are very expensive.  He has also researched how to connect a computer interface between the spectrometer and our computer so that we can generate graphs in an electronic format.  He is also researching the possibility of designing and building a Reflective Particulate Detector. If this proves successful it will give us the ability to investigate the air we breathe. Although this will not initially be a quantitative sampling, it will allow comparison between clean air and contaminated air.

Pete Horner, member is our IT specialist.  He is at work transferring older files from our old website to our present website.  Pete has transferred upwards of 20 articles and links to the Research Papers page.  Pete is working to get all of our articles, videos, and research papers into one location. To date Pete has recovered 100 pages for our research library which can be found on www.carnicominstitute.org.

Cindy Barker, member is working diligently on the CI Business Plan which will provide a blueprint for our development over the foreseeable future.  We hope to extend CI’s reach so that the research done by Clifford Carnicom can be made accessible throughout the world to other researchers and scientists, to activists, and to other organizations seeking to end global aerosol operations.

David Bankert, member has been guiding our communications staff in creating a mailer that will be sent by postal mail to potential donors.  We have been busy writing about the many aspects of our work and why giving to CI is actually an investment which will benefit everyone.

We are delighted to welcome new prospective member Heidi Morgan, and look forward to her contributions to CI.


Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” 
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

 In these times, those who understand the challenges facing us need to step forward to meet these challenges.  Volunteering with CI is an excellent means of doing so.  Volunteers enter into all aspects of CI’s important and often fascinating work, including communication and correspondence, research projects, promotion of CI, fundraising, developing and creating web projects, and ensuring the continuing development of the organization.  To find out more about volunteering with CI, please visit us at:

CI Is Looking for a Volunteer Bookkeeper/Accountant:  We are looking for someone skilled in Double Entry Bookkeeping to join our staff.  If you have this experience, and would like to contribute to a very worthy cause, you would be making a significant difference by volunteering with us.  Thank you!

CI Is Looking for Chemistry/Biochemistry Volunteer Research Assistants to help with the Environmental Filament Study.  Please see the announcement for this study further down the page.



Clifford and Carol drink this tasty smoothie every day to ensure that their bodies are receiving many nutrients that help promote good health.  This smoothie has evolved from Carol’s knowledge of nutrition and Clifford’s unique research.  They would like to share it with you.  Here’s to your health!  Please note: the link can be found on our website.


Please visit Carnicom Institute’s You Tube channel.  If you haven’t yet seen Clifford’s presentation at last summer’s “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails” Conference, you don’t want to miss it.: Geoengineering and Bioengineering, the Unmistakable Link.



History of Carnicom Institute

On November 13, 2008, Carnicom Institute became a domestic nonprofit corporation chartered in the state of New Mexico. On March 8, 2009, Carnicom Institute received approval from the New Mexico Attorney General’s office to operate as a nonprofit organization. In August, 2011, Carnicom Institute received formal notice that its request for 501 c3 status pursuant to IRS Code had been approved. What this means is that all donations to Carnicom Institute are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

Institute Disclaimer

Carnicom Institute is an educational and research organization. We serve the public welfare. We do not advocate any particular products, protocols or therapies related to health or environmental safeguard. It is up to the audience to make an educated decision on how to use the information that is presented. The Institute does not perform any medical diagnosis or prescription of therapy. All studies conducted by the Institute are for research purposes only. Any presentation, opinion or expression by any representative of Carnicom Institute or outside affiliation in no way implies or denotes endorsement by the Institute. The Institute is not affiliated with any political or religious groups.

Thank you for your support!

Carnicom Insititute – PO Box 23721, Santa Fe, 87502, United States


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