6,113 Foreign Terrorists Killed in Syria

fueling the systemFriends of Syria
June 12, 2013

ALMANAR REPORTS THAT 6,113 FOREIGN TERRORISTS HAVE BEEN KILLED, SEVERELY WOUNDED OR MISSING IN SYRIA. Here’s their breakdown according to the Hizbollah news source:

729 Saudi Arabians

640 Kurds from the Mujaahedeen Khalq (recently declassified as a terrorist organization by the U.S.)

489 Egyptians

439 Libyans

439 Chechens

301 Afghans

263 Libyans

261 Pakistanis

208 Iraqis

188 Russians

167 Turks

129 Jordanians

117 Somalis

129 Jordanians

109 Kuwaitis

90 French

67 Germans

66 British

50 Tunisians

55 Indonesians

53 Algerians

52 Yemenis

19 Qataris

45 Belgians

40 Uzbekis

35 Americans

31 Kosovars

21 Azerbaijanis

31 Maltese (Of Lebanese descent)

7 Mauritanians

6 Sierra Leone

6 Surinam

We at SyrPer do not agree with the break-down of nationalities. The evidence is much more convincing that the Libyans have made up the largest bloc of foreign rodents.

ZAF Syrian Perspective

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