IRS Orders Coffee Trays With Hidden Cameras

IRSlogoPolitical Outcast
June 11, 2013

The news is replete with headlines about our government snooping and spying on Americans. We’re all being watched in some way or another. It kind of reminds me of that Simon and Garfunkel song “America,” where he sings, “The man in the gabardine suit is a spy. I said, ‘Be careful; his bowtie is really a camera.’”

It’s not just NSA that’s keeping tabs on everybody. Apparently, James Bond-style coffee trays are in demand by the IRS. And they need them immediately.

What in the world would the IRS need coffee trays with hidden cameras for? They also ordered plants and clock radios with hidden cameras and remote surveillance systems to go along with their “covert” items. Here’s what their purchase order read, and I have no idea why they kept misspelling “equipment”:


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