Louisiana rocked by week’s second chemical plant blast

June 15, 2013

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A chemical plant has exploded in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, less than two days after a deadly blast in the nearby town of Geismar. [Geismar blast aftermath video: Fire rages after massive blast at Louisiana plant.] At least one person was killed Friday evening, and some eight injured.

Sheriff Jeff Wiley told The Baton Rougue Advocate that an 18-wheeler truck was being loaded with product at CF industries when it exploded. CF Industries is the largest producer of nitrogen in North America, shipping out 5 million tons of the combustible chemical for agricultural and industrial use annually.

At least eight victims were transported from the site of the blast, Wiley said, adding that emergency responders were still on the scene.

On Thursday the Williams Olefins plant in Geismar, Louisiana exploded, killing two people and sending 73 others to hospital. Eight remain in treatment 24 hours later.

CF Industries also produces phosphorous and nitrogen, according to the company’s website. The plant stands at the foot of Sunshine Bridge, which was immediately closed following the blast.

The blast was reported at 6:27 pm EST, at which point several ambulances and medical helicopters were dispatched. Louisiana State Police spokesman Doug Cain told the Times-Picayune that by 7:30 pm the fire had been extinguished and the “scene is reportedly secure.” Two people are thought to be critically injured.

An explosion took place at the same plant in 2000, when three people were killed and eight injured. That blast resulted in 14 citations for safety and health violations. In November 1998, one employee was injured when a boiler filled with natural gas exploded.



[hat tip: Dutchsinse]

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