More than 700 European Mercenaries Terrorizing Syria

Friends of Syria
May 18, 2013

Syria remains terrorized by European mercenaries … The intelligence service of the German government recognizes the presence of terrorist mercenaries in the Arab country. Only psychopaths unemployed undergo to go to another country to kill …


“The Syrian press said on Friday that about 700 citizens are infiltrated in the country as mercenaries, armed gangs belonging to opponents who wish to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Mercenaries in Syria

The reports are based on statements by the Minister of Interior of Germany, Hans Peter Friedrich, who revealed the figure on Thursday (16) during a press conference in his country.

The media highlighted the warning Friedrich authorities of the European Union (EU) on the need to establish laws to prevent such effective return to their respective countries for at least two years.

This proposal will be presented next month at a summit of EU high level, he added.

The news agency Sana reports that this is the first time that the intelligence services of a western governments recognize the presence of terrorists in the Arab country.

Public officials in Berlin said they are looking for 40 people who came out last year in Germany with German passports to Syria to join those Islamist groups who want to impose a Caliphate governed by sharia (Islamic law), said.

Likewise, the German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle reiterated on Thursday that his country refuses to send weapons to armed groups and mercenaries in Syria, warning that guarantees are needed for military equipment from falling into terrorist hands .

The governments of Britain and France openly demonstrated its intention of arming irregular groups to promote what they call regime change in Damascus. “

Source: Prensa Latina



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