SONG — Potent News editor releases hip-hop track: “Our Plight” (432Hz)

by Amir Alwani
August 21, 2013

I made this song because I was tired of people not seeing what was constantly in front of their faces. Like geo-engineering, for example, or the simple fact that geo-engineering is just as much of an act of war as any other war, or even the fact that mutilating your child’s most sensitive and pleasure-giving body parts is astronomically destructive to that child’s future.

As Stephan Molyneux has said in the Bomb In The Brain series, the truth is often just a simple question/answer away.  The answer is always so close. I believe if we can salvage the ability to zoom out and to start to notice the patterns that are so prevalent in our world we can then be closer to seeing accurately.  It is starting to appear that the people who organize this world we live in want us to be in tunnel-vision all the time, needlessly nitpicking at minor details and viewing all issues through a microscope, so to speak.  There’s nothing wrong with zooming in, per se, but the problem is that we are made to be unbalanced in many ways – unable to zoom out or zoom in when need be.  Many distractions are systematically shoved in our faces.  Some examples include increased promiscuity, but more hard to identify examples include the time-wasting myth that we can fix the world by sitting around and getting high.  It seems that anything that will distract us and keep us running in circles chasing superficial answers/goals seems to be what the Zionists and their buddies are in love with or pushing.

What frustrates me is that people are generally so unwilling to spend some time investing in ways they can intellectually defend themselves, spot trickery and deal with emotional baggage.  Hopefully this song will give some people a more broad view of world events and remind people that our plight has always been that ideas are absorbed too slowly and people who speak truth are too often ridiculed.

Just LOOK at all that spit on my monitor:


This track is not quite tuned to 432Hz because according to websites like this one I would have to subtract -31.76665363342928 cents and the software I’m using does not allow for more precision than 1 cent.  Hence, I subtracted 32cents to get as close to 432Hz as possible.

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“do research on geoengineering, [comon, just do it]

no time to waste, don’t

wait. sky is just a haze
pilots makin circles like they’re in daze
aerosol campaigns decimate landscapes
people fear shouting from center stage

cuz  if they  do they might pay
somewhat like how OUR mutation rates did elevate
from Fukushima rain there’s so much  pain
punished and slain , the futures hangs
in the

balance – because of malice
right now we’re gettin’ chased
many hate when they get a taste
of this truth but that’s okay
cuz now I’m focused and holdin’ the space
students laughed when that guy got tazed
like they wished they could participate
trauma victims but they aggravate
when I saw that shit I

got enraged
they have no clue how to operate
they bend-over, take it from the state
even sober they’ll elaborate
about how free they are, it’s all insane
cuz if you think about it we’re all slaves
globalization made us suffocate
we breathe bioweapons every day
I didn’t have a say

in this reduced visibility like
smog and it’s killin me
some pilots got no dignity
they’re in need of home remedies
truth soup – I know the recipe:
friends close, holdin your enemy

there’s hope
with our telepathy
Like an owl in the night I see
grab hold – of my destiny

no more mental atrophy
just a clear epiphany
stemming from humbling happenings
so quit your babbling
Fuck the crown, nobody  is  the majesty
government is a fallacy
we are sold mind-control and worship it like gold,
that’s why we love our servitude and do what we are told
but many still know

war hurts more than a little poke
it shakes you head to toe
could make your mind implode
worse than a bad trip from licking strange coloured toads
cuz you’d be surrounded by psychos
who like to kill, that’s how they get their thrill
there is less time to chill
cuz right now we can barely breath

and their buddies are causin catastrophes
spraying poison onto our feet
from the sky – pressin’ delete
on our lungs, and our trees
got us all in a tight squeeze
it’s not the same, it’s quite the scene

like rapid change
and higher frequency tames
I approximate 1.618

from the source I communicate
tell me what do you feel and don’t hesitate
I wont get overtaken
Just know your world is cavin’ in
You might not make it
It’s times like this I recall that old film The Matrix
I know you’d rather die – everything’s so god-forsaken
see that’s the easy way, I’m just a lamen
but I’m suddenly seeing things from higher locations
so I’m contemplatin’ different ways to approach situations
trying not to bash a face on pavement
that might break it
I just want salvation
pressence got you shakin’ feeling the force of my aspirations
Hard to admit I’m right cuz you lack imagination


I cause massive reverberation
ressuccitation of a calculation
I got a method and a safe haven
I plan to avert mental conspitation
I got… prestigious affiliations
I know the dynamics of instigation
FSA rebels are aimless:
Bring the tyrant down, call it a day, this
is what they are planning, yes
cowardly wimps now run amock
with power hungry Jihadi nuts
busting your face just because
you dare NOT to raise as much of a fuss
over today’s enemy,
but who the fuck
likes Sharia Law?
tete crying out for Allah, please,
bring peace
not love-bombs – true release
we still value our sovereignty
Just leave us be
you have ravaged all our towns
fam fleed
we can barely feed our children now, jeeze
most us are refugees

but noone on this earth is really free
AshekeNAZIs are among the scum that are ultra guilty
Undeniably pushin mental slavery
with their Book of the Talmud, it’s a silly a fuckin cree
beyond rude
it tries to gives people permission to do
shit like rapin a child, it’s wild
they’ll defile you
they cast a spell and it’s hocus pocus
you believe it cuz it’s written and you don’t notice
ABC is abra cadarbra, YOU’RE A CADAVER,
rotting in a mental jail cell,
with no laughter
locked in disaster cuz they blocked
the route to certainty
they want you to believe in the double standard that they weave

like governments have a monopoly
on the right to use force,

everyday they

cross the line
my friends are doin time
but prison industrial complex is a higher crime
nobody’s gettin jailed for that and we see paradise
ruined by the likes of albert pike
We’re ruled by parasites
These people spray the whole earth with synthetic-life
self-replicating fibers that glow in UV light
I’m crackin codes and I think I need some orgonite
Just google Wilhelm Reich
like Tesla, he was told to take a hike
explosive info is like dynamite
and keeping truth concealed is not right
when I find something valuable I share it overnight
so here’s an insight
people often get cast away for being bright
lucky if they don’t wrap a noose around your neck, tight
that’s our plight


while the globe awakens
I’ll spit solar shit – earthshakin,
dreams get vivid – illumination

FUCK all the sophistication:
I’m cirumsized by mutilation – no understatement.
Unjustified pure domination

But I’m not gonna’ waste this
with just one generation
with love and some patience
I’ll undo all the hatred
recoverin’ the sacred
this time we won’t fake it
this time will be great

MK-ultra subproject 58
and the multipronged attacks on our brains
We’ll make sure we’re not entering a dark age
we’ll turn the page, and open doors to stay safe

nothing left to lose
so we’re fully engaged
On the move
spreading light
we’re  not afraid
We got the sight
That’s why we’re we’re gonna liberate
It’s not a choice, it’s the only way

and I am unstoppable
what is more
I am just one domino
One drop in the ocean
Even though I’m one grain of sand
this beech is gonna win
we take a stand
we’ll kick you in the shin

we take what’s ours
you’re on our land
so get the fuck away before we break your hands

mercenaries act like they wanna get slammed
all you terrorists and extremists will be worse than banned

You sided with Zionists, that’s why you got no chance
They took our sun rays and made it hard to tan, but we reprimand
thought of this in advance
and for certain ugly crimes we got really ugly plans
so count your blessings – look into the mirror
see it’s you who you are wrestling
the stupid side is tempting
but truth is overwhelming
so when you’re in the cell
and think doom is impending
just blame yourself
you were given the gift and now you made it smell”


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