11 Million Users Drop Facebook Over Privacy Concerns

By JG Vibes
September 18, 2013

New research shows Facebook has lost a total of 11 million users, nine million in the US and two million in Britain. Researchers at the University of Vienna analyzed 600 users and found they quit for reasons like privacy concerns, general dissatisfaction, shallow conversations and fear of becoming addicted, Alalam reported.[1]

Facebook developed a following because it allowed people to connect with friends more easily, and due to these increased capabilities they became the dominant social network on the internet.

Over the years Facebook has become one of the most popular websites in the world, and recently the company has been taking advantage of their social network dominance.

The newest controversies surrounding Facebook have been the intentional censorship of activist profiles and the “promotional posts” scam which has cut off every single Facebook user from a vast majority of their posts.

Since these changes silently went into effect a few months ago, every single Facebook user can now only see a fraction of the stories which should be in their news feed.

For artists, activists and people with websites, there is now an option for them to promote their posts for a ridiculous fee and have more of their fans see their posts.

Many Facebook users don’t even realize that this is happening because unless you’re using the site for promotional purposes you don’t really notice.

Also, for years there have been so many rumors about Facebook charging that now when activists try to tell people about these new changes, it has turned into a “boy cried wolf scenario” and no one pays attention.

In addition to this monetizing scam there has also been an increase in censorship.


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