4 Natural Solutions to Wake up Without Coffee

by Elizabeth Renter
Natural Society
October 5, 2013

For many, the morning cup(s) of coffee are the only thing that gets them out of bed. After the alarm sounds, tired feet pad towards their respective kitchens to get their morning “fix”, many going so far as to program their coffee maker to have the warm elixir waiting for them when they open their eyes. And while coffee health benefits shouldn’t be ignored, no one wants to feel the dependence of addiction. So, whether you steer clear of “joe” altogether or if you are looking to cut back, here are 4 natural alternatives that can help get you going.

1. Green Tea

Perhaps one of the most obvious alternatives to coffee is tea. Green tea in particular is loaded with amazing benefits— anti-cancer, immune protection and weight management to name a few. It’s easy to find and easy to prepare. Like coffee, it too contains caffeine, but there is slightly less and it doesn’t seem to hit you as hard. You can drink several cups a day to reap the most of green tea benefits, because there really doesn’t seem to be any such thing as “too much” when it comes to this ancient healing beverage.

2. Juice Some Organic Produce

What you put in your mouth first thing this morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be an excellent way to wake up your taste buds and the rest of your body. Juicing allows your body to make the most of the beneficial compounds within food without much of the work. Try something with kale, lime, ginger, and berries to get your morning started right.

3. Eat Something

If juicing isn’t for you, be sure you put something on your stomach before going out for the day. Fasting can be healthy, but skipping breakfast everyday is more likely to send you to the vending machine mid-morning than to help you manage your weight and energy levels. A handful of berries and nuts is a great, nutrient-packed way to get a shot of energy in the morning. Good fats and antioxidants will help you avoid that mid-morning slump.

4. Stretch, Walk, Move

Many of us don’t fully wake up until mid-day. But many of us aren’t really expending any energy in those morning hours either. Take a 10 minute walk outside in the morning or spend some time doing yoga before you hop in the shower. Getting the blood flowing, so to speak, is one of the best ways to wake up your body and your mind.

And if you’re waking up tired, here are 7 possible signs to explain sleepiness.


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