Despite Resistance, Uruguay Near Passing Landmark Marijuana Laws

by Elizabeth Renter
Natural Society
October 17, 2013

Here in the U.S., we hold up Colorado and Washington as being models of future marijuana policy. Where they legalizes recreational marijuana, creating regulated and taxed systems, the majority of states are still trying to determine how to implement medicinal pot. In Uruguay, however, lawmakers have taken one big step towards creating a nationwide regulated marijuana industry, and they’ve done it despite the resistance of the people.

In Uruguay last month, members of the lower house of parliament passed a bill that could create the world’s first such nationwide regulated marijuana market, on a vote of 50-46. Next the bill will head to upper house later this year where it is expected to pass if the current momentum sustains.

The bill will create a system where residents can grow and possess marijuana, though they would be limited to purchasing 40 grams per month and could grow up to 6 plants at a time. It would establish marijuana growing collectives and dispensaries. Unlicensed possession or cultivation (black-market pot) would result in criminal charges, as it does now.


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