VIDEO — Woolwich Slide Presentation I Made in London – Morris

October 11, 2013

Organised by http://disseminus.com at Rumi’s cave in London: https://twitter.com/RumisCave on October 7th

From the description at disseminus based on my themes of discussion:

A discussion led by Morris 108

On the subject of conspiracy theories:

They are demeaned and the perpetrators are smeared — normally emotionally and not intellectually. There is also an important distinction between a False Flag and a Hoax. Furthermore, there are limits as to how much any organisation of ‘truthers’ cannot be thoroughly infiltrated. It is worth realising that the very people who plan a hoax or a false flag may also be the ones who plan the cover ups and investigative committees, and so it seems that the questions are endless, or are they… ?

Please note the podcast is of an interview the day after the presentation – this video is just the first few minutes – the woolwich part …

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