A Win for the New World Order – Smart Phones — video included

by Frankie Gotz
Canadian Awareness Network

July 30, 2013


CTV recently published an article outlining statistics about Smart Phones.  A quick over view of the statistics mentioned:

Based on online surveys with 1,000 Canadians earlier this year, the report estimates that 56 per cent of adults were using a smartphone, up from 33 per cent in early 2012.

  • About eight in 10 smartphone owners said they don’t leave home without their mobile device. And two-thirds of them said they had used their phone every day in the past week.
  • About 35 per cent said they’d become so reliant on mobile connectivity that they’d give up TV before having to part with their smartphone.
  • About 78 per cent of the smartphone users said they connected to social media with their device and 52 per cent said they logged on daily.
  • About 75 per cent said they had streamed video on their small screen and almost one in five said they did it daily.
  • Just over one in four smartphone users had made an online purchase with their device. Of those users, about half had made a purchase in the past month and the same number said they shopped on their phone at least once a month.
  • About 77 per cent said they had searched for a product or business on their phone, and 27 per cent said they changed their mind about a purchase in a store after completing a mobile search.

Although the statistics are only based on a very tiny fraction of the Canadian population and only based on ‘smart phones’ I think it’s pretty accurate.  We can see a growing trend, especially amongst the young, that every human being is beginning to own a cell phone.  When one walks down the street they see people staring at their cell phones.  Even when two or more people go out for dinner a lot of them are not even talking to each other but instead are on their cell phones.  There are more examples I’m sure that we can all think of that gives attribution to the fact that human beings are obsessed with their cell phones, and I don’t leave myself out of this picture since I myself own an android cell phone and catch myself on it a lot.

Smart Phones and the New World Order

For years now, in the community of human beings that expose conspiracies, have warned the public about RFID chip implants under human skin that will be mainly used as digital currency and citizen identification, but it can be used for many other things as well such as digitally unlocking doors by scanning the spot of skin where chip is implanted.  There is so much hype about the RFID chip implantation because it is a reality and there is also a growing trend of human beings accepting this crazy idea of chip implantation that is being perpetuated all around the world.  To sum it up quickly, the end goal is eliminate paper and coin currency and have all humans use RFID chip implants as currency and identification.

All though I do recognize the threat of the RFID agenda, especially since the American government recently made legislation that makes it mandatory for American citizens to have chips implanted in them, I think people fail to realize that we’ve already been chipped!  Our debit & credit cards, our drivers licences, our cell phones, our GPS devices and a lot more all contain RFID chips in them.  Whether the population accepts the RFID chip implanations or not is irrelevant because it looks like the globalists have a plan B which is following through perfectly.

As seen in the statistics above almost everyone owns a cell phone and more and more people want to own one. Under the Royal Canadian MINT chip idea, smart phones will be the future debit cards (electronic currency).  So all the attributes of the RFID chip implanation are literally attributes of Smart Phone cashless society agenda.  Both involve being tracked and using it as digital currency.  Please click play below to hear Terry Wilson break it down for you:

The elitists made it really cool and attractive, don’t get me wrong, to have a smart phone is very convenient way to stay connected to people and to be always informed of things you wish to stay informed about, but I feel like most of those attributes were implemented to the cell phone technology so that it would make it more appealing for humans to buy government spy devices.

In conclusion people have to recognize the threat of RFID chip implantation  but at the same time they have to be not so naive and realize that the plan B is to get everyone to want and own a smart phone.

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