Transhuman: Radical Life Extension in the Quest For Immortality — video included

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by Nicholas West
Activist Post
November 12, 2013

The question is, Do you want to live forever? In the following short documentary you will learn about the typical worldview of Transhumanists. It is, in my opinion, philosophically and technologically interesting to explore, but ultimately naive and dismissive of the concepts surrounding consciousness and the soul.

Perhaps, the most troubling aspect of Transhumanism not addressed here is that not all of it will be elective. In fact, it might be downright selective. From DNA nanobots to the entire restructuring of the human genome, the corporate state aligned with the medical-military-industrial complex might demand that we are “optimized” and “efficient” in order for us to partake in society at a cost-effective level.

It is a concept that has been espoused by elites before.

For background, please watch Aaron Dykes’ wonderful historical review of the Fabian Society and their specific brand of socialism; they are self-professed Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing under the design of oligarchical collectivism. As Dykes notes: in the end, it’s all totalitarianism. And the endgame is that we will pay for permission to use the Earth, and perhaps even our own bodies.

This is not to deny that science holds amazing wonders for the benefit of humanity, or that we should stop reaching for the stars. However, it’s paramount that we always return to the question of who is in control of the technology. If we look at what has happened thus far, science has been hoarded and twisted for the benefit of the few.

Moreover, the vastness of what is being proposed by Transhumanists is worthy of the utmost caution, for the simple fact that we have seen much lesser systems of computation and science being rolled out well before safeguards have been properly tested. So far, the negatives are rapidly outweighing the positives.

Nevertheless, there are some tentative indications that the drastic reduction in cost and the open-source nature of the “new tech” could provide the perfect counterweight that the individual needs to break free from the ever-tightening grip of technocracy. But we have to assert ourselves and take control of our decisions and free will before those who desire control the most will make our decisions for us, while dismissing free will as nothing more than superstition.

Lastly, as noted in the video, the rate of technological development doubles every 18 months. We haven’t got long to answer the essential questions of what it means to be human.

There is only one thing certain in life: The future is coming.

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