Why Prepping For A January Collapse Is The Smart Move

by James Smith
Activist Post
Dec 6, 2013

Imagine that it is late August, and the storm clouds have been hanging around for days.

The wind has been blowing, giving you the indication – this storm is going to be a Category 5 hurricane. Truly one for the record books.

Are you prepared?

And then the rain drops begin.

As most people in hurricane country will tell you, you prepare for bad weather months in advance. Weeks if you must, but you need to take action as soon as possible.

But bad weather is a disaster that is “in your face”. You can’t escape it.

However, the disaster that is looming of all of America is subtle one. And will have far-reaching consequences for those that don’t prepare. Renown technical analyst Tom DeMark has discovered that the market activity prior to the 1929 Stock Market crash is incredibly similar to the Stock Market of today.

His calculations suggest that the market will crash on or around 14 January 2014. And this is one storm you can’t fully prepare for, but you can take some action.

His calculations are not the only ones out there.

Stan Harley, a former Navy pilot and author of the Harley Market Letter, figures that January 10th will mark the top of the market, before it plunges into darkness.

Ed Carlson, the current living expert on the works of the late George Lindsay, has calculated the first half of January is the likely drop date.

For years, the signs have been there like rain drops hitting a tin roof. The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) has been abysmally low. Unemployment and inflation numbers have been massaged and reworked to tell the American taxpayers lie after lie. Stock prices have been grossly inflated without any form of justification, and companies have been buying their own stock in order to prop up share prices.


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