Little Girls Accept Bitcoin at Their Coffee Stand

by Amanda Warren
Activist Post
Jan 10, 2014

Is this the first Bitcoin brick-and-mortar run by children?

These two little itty-bitty and enterprising girls are showing an even wider Bitcoin acceptance by allowing payment at their Noe Valley, San Francisco coffee stand. Are people actually paying them in Bitcoin?

Mia & Taylor’s Coffee Shop accepts the payment with a blown-up QR code. Coffee, lemonade and cookies are sold for around a buck – broken cookies are free. Awww…

A Tweet targeted to a Noe Valley event page got picked up from there. But actually, the image was taken and posted by Reddit user DorkusPrime which also went viral. The commenters there seem to believe they will soon be shut down by the police – yikes!

They’ve received 33 transactions which some, of course, came in from the Reddit users who decoded their Bitcoin address. A week ago, they had gathered the equivalent of $70 in Bitcoin. (source)

The value of Bitcoin has seen some ups and downs, but for a few reasons, it might be here to stay. Larger businesses are responding to consumer interest in the totally decentralized form of payment. So from lemonade stands to top-dog corps – Bitcoin is now serving everywhere.

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