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Jan 31, 2014

[Potent News editor’s note: This video comes as a shock to me, especially because I’ve been posting many Mark Dice videos the past year or two.  I had to re-watch this video 3 or 4 times.  If this is some kind of joke then it’s not funny.  When this “Mark Dice” wants to be funny he can be quite funny.  This doesn’t seem to be his “style” of comedy as far as I’m concerned.

But then again, what is his style of comedy?  If he’s constantly under control in some way like this then does it not follow that his regular style is also synthetic and part of the act.  Has anyone seen Mark Dice respond to this video being out there?  I’m surprised I’m only finding out about this now.  He supposedly posted this video himself to his own youtube, and it’s clear from watching the video that Mark Dice knows he’s being videotaped, so this is not some kind of hacking job which has found him just hanging around spaced-out at his desk doing goofy stuff.  He doesn’t even look like he’s reading anything while he is staring blankly and I must say the sudden smile at one point seems extremely out of place/character and noteworthy, as does the occasional sticking his tongue out like a snake, the abnormally zen-like extreme fluidity with which he performs the actions that he appears to be getting somehow cued to perform, and other odd gestures seem out of place.

This is downright strange behavior by almost anyone’s account and it’s harder to appreciate it if you don’t pay attention to the entire video.  If anyone has any updates on this or has seen Mark Dice respond to criticism of this video, please don’t hesitate to post that here as a comment  for our open-sourced investigations or email me (via this contact form) with a link.  I sincerely can’t see Mark Dice doing this as a joke, and I’ve seen many Mark Dice videos.

This is definitely creepy and certainly reminds me of similar videos I’ve seen of other celebrities like Al Roker, Eminem, and Bill Clinton.

I’m done subscribing to Mark Dice’s youtube until I see some explanation for this absurd behavior that describes this bizarre content more accurately than the current model of demonic possession or something similar.  My email is flooded enough as it is and I can keep tabs on the guy without “voting” for him with my subscription.  As far as I’m concerned, this is a wake-up call, until someone can convince me otherwise, I’m going to practice more discernment and listen to my gut more.

I mean, for a deeper analysis of this situation I’ll say I enjoy calling individuals out for their stupidity as much as the next person (when it’s called for) and I don’t always have the energy to cover events or grand ideas, but it seems like almost all Mark Dice ever did was ridicule individuals and the masses for having fallen so low.  While I do not see that as horrible in and of itself, it is beginning to become apparent to me that it is unbalanced to strictly focus on that type of coverage/thinking all the time.  The attitude that Mark Dice displays and the spirit with which he spreads awareness is almost the opposite of JoyCamp‘s apparent philosophy/stance, for instance, which is that that the unfortunate reality at the end of the day is that we need and depend on these “zombies” that we constantly laugh at, despite how difficult living with them can be.  In my view, it is how we perform in light of challenges in our lives which often earns us respect among our peers, not strictly how we perform when everything is going great for us.  We are not meant to have everything going great for us all the time.

It is easy to hate on the ignorant masses that much.  It is more difficult to see the lesson inherent in the experience and to see that we are not that different from those who choose to ignore valuable information that is available.  Humanity didn’t get this way overnight.

It is far more productive to focus on that valuable information than it is to focus on how many people failed to absorb that valuable information.  Let them fail, as long as justice is served.  Let them waste their energy.  I’m not saying be heartless, but if a person doesn’t want to change, it’s not right for you to force the change especially if they are not harming you.  In addition, they’ll feel more proud of themselves and confident in their abilities if they took the opportunities available to them with their own volition.  Also, one appreciates the light more when one has had time to allow their eyes to adjust to the darkness.  Many of these people need to truly appreciate quite how dark and dis empowered they’ve allowed their so-called lives to become.  This is a necessary step for many of them to make the change to improve.  You can lay the opportunities down for people and if they don’t take them you are wasting your time if you don’t either upgrade your approach or move on to the opportunities that await you.

I haven’t advanced that much more than Mark Dice with respect to this realization.  I admittedly sometimes put people on the spotlight a little too much as well, and sometimes I put events on the spotlight when I feel they deserve to be and that’s fine as far as that goes, but ideas/knowledge are governing our behavior (more than individuals or events are) and it is most productive to illustrate this or at least make that our highest priority, especially when the very concept of an objective truth and an objective morality are constantly ridiculed and attacked from many different angles via many different groups who are using many different tools/methods to occult this valuable information.  It is the work of people like Jan Irvin and Mark Passio which has helped me arrive at these conclusion and I can’t give them enough credit for this.  Sometimes it is called-for to expose an individual and sometimes karma/justice entails that a person’s ego gets beaten down by scrutiny and that people held accountable for their wrong-doing, but what I’m trying to say is that focusing on individuals almost 100% of the time would be unbalanced and we would miss an opportunities to examine the root causes of problems and to hence address what is causing those individuals to behave in such unnatural and ignorant/immoral ways.

So, while I agree with “Mark Dice” about the extent of the damage done to the mass psyche and how absurd it is that the average American has let his/her mind deteriorate to the point that many might, for example, sign a petition calling for repealing the Bill of Rights (which Mark Dice has actually convinced the “sheep” to do at times), I ultimately resonate with JoyCamp’s views much more and I see their conclusions & approach as more sound because I agree that we really do have an obligation to give these “sheep” the benefit of the doubt before writing them off.  You see, while Mark Dice did use comedy, Mark Dice never mentioned the crucial Trivium Method and never tried to teach it to any of us, as far as I know, nor did he appear to have an understanding of it for himself… He didn’t try to help the masses (to use this tool to) categorize information and identify tricks/lies.  Instead, he simply laughed at them for falling for the tricks/lies and exploited their weaknesses.

Divide and conquer is an old strategy.]

[h/t: Louise Koster]

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  1. Mark Dice is a straight up fraud. He has contradicted himself and carefully deleted any facebook posts in attempts to keep up his ‘credibility’.


    February 10, 2014 at 11:55 PM

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