Dropbox’s Massive New Office Reveals Just How Big It Plans to Get

Feb 4, 2014

Rendering of Dropbox’s new offices under development in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. Image: William McDonough + Partners

Dropbox, the file-syncing startup angling to become as popular as Facebook, will soon have a new home that’s as big as its ambitions.

The company, which is furiously hiring top Silicon Valley talent to expand its ranks, has agreed to lease every floor of a 182,000-square-foot multi-story office building under construction in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. It’s a far cry from the North Beach apartment where co-founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi got the service up and running a few short years ago.

It’s also another example of an up-and-coming tech startup carving out a major headquarters in San Francisco as opposed to the traditional tech hub of Silicon Valley south of the city. As they seek new talent, these companies — including payments company Square, social networking giant Twitter, and ride-sharing startup Uber, as well as Dropbox — see the city as a major draw for new recruits.


[h/t: MediaMonarchy]

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