VIDEO — Tomorrow WWIII Will Escalate or Not! – Joaquin

Apr 10, 2014

‘Whether WWIII will escalate or not will be determined Tomorrow! The Kiev Junta yesterday issued a 48 hour ultimatum for pro-Russian breakaways in the east, particularly Donetsk, to disband. Rumors about Russian Build-up are false. These rumors of 250,000 russian forces were spread by Ukrainian Ministry of Defense head Tehnyuk. But these rumors had the effect of Scaring, not Emboldening the Ukrainian military. Tehnyuk was sacked by the Junta and replaced by Koval; Koval is a political choice and a less capable military man. Today’s rumors are that 15,000 Russian soldiers are ‘amassed’ near the border. Yes, 15,000 are there, but they have always been there. It is Russia’s border, after all.

Russia has the ability to annex all of Eastern Europe but will not do so. Russia will act entirely within the sphere of international law, as set by precedent. Ukraine has no real military capacity, and its airforce is barely operational at 80 craft, many are just helicopters. Ukraine has no ICBM’s and no bombers.

USrael is sending in blackwater mercenaries, many of whom are Israeli special forces and US trained killers from Afghanistan and Iraq. This is further evidence that Kiev does not have full command of its own army. ”

Russia will use a combination of Special forces in worst case scenario

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