Strange cloud engulfs beach and sends tourists running — video included

Intellihub News
Apr 11, 2014

Days later there is still no explanation behind the massive cloud that swept through a populated beach and frightened tourists

By Staff Writer

ALICANTE, SPAIN (INTELLIHUB) — An ominous cloud randomly swept over a Spanish beach this week, sending many tourists running for their lives.

Witnesses from other local areas also reported similar clouds.  Sightings were reported in Calpe, on the Costa Blanca, and the popular resort of Benidorm.

The scene at Alicante beach was captured by Antonio Carlos Soria Hernandez, who filmed the cloud and posted the video to his facebook page, where it soon when viral.  Mr. Hernandez said that “I saw it and ran down thinking it was exactly that… a fire and caught it on camera, the effect of the cloud is really beautiful.”

The arguments in various comment threads about what was responsible for this smoke have gotten intense and sometimes hostile, as debates on the internet often do.  Some commentators have suggested that this is a natural weather phenomena and that the smoke seen is actually a mist.  While others suggest that this is pollution from some nearby industry.

There are currently dozens of theories as to what caused this large cloud, but none of them have been verified.

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