Two referendums to be held in Lugansk in May

Apr 22, 2014

Delegates to the “people’s assembly” in Lugansk have made the decision to hold a regional referendum on the region’s territorial status.

The news was announced from an improvised stage near the building of the regional security service department on Monday evening, Interfax reported.

The delegates said that the referendum must fall into two stages. The first one is to be held on May 11 and voters are to state whether they want the region to retain its current status or to become an autonomous entity.

At the second stage on May 18 they will be asked to state their opinion on whether the Lugansk region should be independent or become integrated with Russia as a constituent territory.

No details were provided on how the referendum will be organized.

The rally of several thousand participants near the security service building is continuing with demonstrators chanting: “Russia!” “Referendum!” and sometimes “Berkut!” Very few flags and posters can been seen, but Russian flags and flags of the “Donetsk Republic” and of the USSR, have been unfurled in the square where the rally is being held.

“People’s assemblies” were held on Monday in different cities of the Lugansk region, where delegates were elected to the regional “people assembly.”


[hat tip: Ukraine Watch]

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