VIDEO — It’s Official: Kiev Junta Has Lost Control

Center For Syncretic Studies
May 1, 2014

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video below – 17 minutes  –  Interview of Joaquin Flores by Maurice Herman


Tymoshenko ally appointed Ukraine interim presidentOleksandr Turchinov all but capitulated on April 30th, with clear statements that he has entirely lost control of the Army and the ‘East’ of Ukraine.  However, not controlling the army also means that he has lost control of the entire Kiev based regime and the whole rump-state of Ukraine along with it.


In this interview, international relations and security analyst Mr. Flores explores some of the following implications and items related to this momentous statement from Kiev.

– Tsarev heeds Dugin’s advice/warning, meaning referendum election will result in secession from Ukraine

OLeg-TSarev     Alexandr Dugin, political scientist, philosopher. 2008

– May Elections in east and south will be marred by violence by Pravy Sektor and NATO Mercenaries; to be blamed on Russia and western media to declare ‘null election result’.


– Globalization being reversed, toothless western sanctions, rise of BRICS and multipolarity


– All  oblasts and areas that voted Party of Regions in the past will eventually join Russia

6-4-2014 13-20-38

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