PODCAST — More Trivium: An Introduction with Gene Odening : Unplugged Mom

by Laurette Lynn
Unplugged Mom
Dec 14, 2011

Welcome to your intellectual pilgrimage folks.

I’m honored to have had the pleasure of interviewing long time Trivium student, philosopher and advocate, Gene Odening, for a multi-part, exclusive Unplugged Mom Radio presentation on the Trivium.

Here you will find my brief explanation of the series immediately followed by The Introduction to the series.   Please listen to fully appreciate the most important significance in this pursuit of intellectual growth.


“The Trivium Improves thinking because it helps to awaken and connect dormant neurons.”

Studying the trivium brings us ‘knowing’ as opposed to the ‘illusion of knowing’.

 Why the emphasis on Trivium in UM?  Find out by clicking here

*Note: toward the end of this episode you will hear me announce that Part I – Grammar immediately follows.  However due to some personal unforeseen scheduling issues we were unable to mix the Grammar episode in time.   So I invite you to listen and reflect on the information presented in the Introduction and look forward to Grammar coming out very soon!

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