AUDIO — Sun Worship & the Inquisitions by Jan Irvin

Gnostic Media
Jul 2007

Jan Irvin is an author, lecturer and researcher in archaeoastronomy, astrotheology, ethnopharmacology, shamanism, symbolism, ancient and modern mythology, fertility cults and ancient and modern religion.

He co-authored the book Astrotheology & Shamanism: Unveiling the Law of Duality in Christianity and Other Religions, 2006, with Andrew Rutajit. He also co-produced the DVD The Pharmacratic Inquisition, 2007, and Sexual Symbolism in Religion, 2007, also with Andrew Rutajit. He is also the author of a new book entitled The Holy Mushroom — The Evidence of Mushrooms in Judeo-Christianity, 2008.

He is the curator of the official website for John Marco Allegro, the much criticized Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, and has contributed much to the re-examination of many of Allegro’s theories. Last year he contributed research toward the academic article Wasson and Allegro on the Tree of Knowledge as Amanita, 2006, with Michael Hoffman. This article is to be published in the The Journal of Higher Criticism.

He has been featured in the documentaries The American Drug War, to be aired on Showtime this March. He’s also featured in the recently released Canadian film called High Jacking Humanity.

He brings with him over 15 years of research into the study of ethno-pharmacology and drugs. Through the years he has given dozens of public speeches and radio interviews regarding his studies. He is currently working on several book and video projects to be released over the next two years.


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