Infowars’ ‘Common Core’ Sex Ed. Story DEBUNKED. Reverse Image Search strikes again! — video included

Sheila Aliens
Sept 15, 2014


[NSFW I guess, considering the words being used in the article and I cuss a bit naturally.]

Below is a full screenshot of the article which they have since taken down. Well it got plenty of comments and shares before they took it down, maybe they should make it practice to check shit out before posting it and not the other way around and only OMITTING content when the backlash from the content is big enough to cause a stir.




Today, the Infowars’ website ran an article that claimed that the new Common Core schooling curriculum was mandating that children in the United States be taught sexual education classes consisting of how to use male-anatomy sex toys. Infowars actually ran this story. Crazy right?

What’s crazier is the fact that they basically slandered this woman in the process, who was simply doing her job in those pictures that were hijacked and given false information for a backstory, by the Infowars crew.

Her name: Carlyle Jansen, sex “educator” – and no, not to your little rugrats in their public schools in the U.S.! She’s based out of Canada. Here she is on TED talks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12d2o8e9cSU

The power lies within you and you alone. Nobody is any more capable of anything than you are. Especially behind the wheel of the internet. We are all equals and what you do with it is up to you but you have the choice to cut through the bullshit, if you truly want to.

Yes, YOU can make it a habit to CLICK that right button on that mouse and DO a reverse image search before blindly sharing fantastical claims in the form of pictured memes!

be freed!

Or are you here simply for the mere entertainment value?

If so, then alright – stick around, because I like to include that as part of the package anyway.


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Call it in-fighting all you want. I call it exposing the wolves in sheeps clothing.

Should he, or any other nefarious-seeming faux truth activists, choose to come to the light side – they’ll be welcomed with open arms. We all make mistakes in life, sometimes we don’t realize we’re a certain way for quite some time.


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