BREAKING: Mass Ebola Quarantine Underway

Oct 2, 2014

The Ebola outbreak is on full alert in Dallas Texas. Liberian national Thomas Duncan flew to the US from West Africa on September 20th. Several days later, Duncan walked into Texas Health Presbyterian hospital complaining about Ebola-like symptoms. He reportedly told the nurse he just came over from Liberia. They sent him home with a prescription for antibiotics. A few days later, he came rushing back to the same emergency room.

One neighbor living nearby says he witnessed Duncan vomit outside of his house, near the corner of an apartment building. We have an unconfirmed report from a source who works in the hospital. We’re working to confirm that source now, but there’s a rumor that Thomas Duncan not only vomited all over his apartment, but that he also puked INSIDE the ambulance and later all over the emergency room floor. Of course, this is BEFORE EMTs knew he was from Liberia.

We believe THAT ambulance was also used to transport other sick patients BEFORE it was cleaned. Now we know that the man’s family and several other people ARE in quarantine, with another 100 people being closely monitored by the CDC.

As the story continues to develop, Let’s turn to a regular guest on the broadcast, well-known homeopathic practitioner Robert Scott Bell.

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Author: NextNewsNetwork

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