Hackers Hijack Retailers’ Showroom PCs for Cryptocurrency Mining

tech-store-shutterstock_1500px-300x185Coin Desk

by | Published on October 9, 2014 at 13:40 BST

Dutch hackers have started hijacking laptops showcased in retail stores and using them for cryptocurrency mining, according to a report.

The stores involved have admitted that an undisclosed number of display samples were affected by malware and said they would take steps to eliminate the practice.

Dutch tech publication Computerworld reported the problem on 7th October after a computer science student revealed that laptops in the Media Markt chain of shops have been exposed to mining malware for some months.

Computerworld found that a total of 105 laptops were part of a botnet and that an estimated €500 had been generated in mining revenue over that time.

Media-Saturn Netherlands, owner of Media Markt, said it should not be possible to run malware on the machines as “a display model should require the password of an administrator”, adding:

“We will consult with our locations and suppliers […] Where necessary, we will come up with new or more stringent protocols.”

Several other stores were found to have a risk of malware, namely Paradigit, MyCom and Computerland, according to the report.


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