PODCAST — Dr. Wil Spencer – Correcting Imbalances and Illness Through Restoring the Elements of Nature’s Design – September 29, 2014 – One Radio Network

One Radio Network
Sept 29, 2014


Patrick Timpone

Dr. Wil Spencer

Naturopath at Bodyelectrician.com

Dr Wil Spencer, Naturopath, VMSP, Author and Researcher is an advocate for Nature. His work extends into multiple areas of investigative research and education regarding human and environmental health relative to identifying and restoring the degraded conditions of natural homeostasis, most often due to industrialization and the misunderstanding of the importance of microorganisms. Operating from the conviction that nature has evolved with an innate wisdom of energetic signatures that influence and interrelate with one another to form a natural, healthy terrain of existence and co-existence, Wil believes all conditions of illness and imbalance are correctible through restoring the elements of nature’s design. Wil has applied this conviction successfully in his work reversing and healing conditions of human health, animal health, plant health, including reversing the affects of genetic modification and increasing the nutritive values of food, reversing the many issues of honey bee health, restoring vitality to soils and compost, water purification and air quality.

Show Highlights:

-What is galvanic skin response and how accurate is it?
-Why the Amish get sick with having such a clean lifestyle
-The off gassing of pharmaceutical drugs
-Getting minerals from whole foods; we’re designed to be eating continually
-Can we get all the necessary minerals by eating organic food?
-Organic certification doesn’t mean the food is loaded up with minerals, so what does it mean?
-Running our lives on preprogramming
-The emotional issues which get stuck in the organs and create illness
-There seems to be so much confusion about how to get minerals. What is the best brands/types of minerals to get?

and more!

Dr. Wil Spencer

Visit Website

will spencer and the body electrician, september 29, 2014

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