VIDEO — The Real Sons Of Anarchy

Press For Truth
Dec 30, 2014

“The government does things that would be considered criminal if done by ordinary people.”

These words, spoken by Victor Pross, sums up the message of anarchy. It also sums up the message from the Sons of Anarchy event held in Vancouver this past December. Hosted by Liberty Mingle at the Railway Club, this anarchist gathering saw three thinkers, Victor Pross, Tim Moen and Walter Block, speak to a packed house. Like going to see a rock concert to see your favourite band, the Sons of Anarchy audience were familiar with the content, but they wanted to see it performed live. Pross showed off his art and gave us an introduction to anarcho-capitalism. Then Libertarian Party Leader Tim Moen took the stage and told personal stories on how he came to view liberty as the only means for human survival, prosperity and a flourishing society. Last, but certainly not least, Walter Block took the stage and made everyone laugh while conveying the importance of the Austro-libertarian tradition.

Dan Dicks caught up the speakers after the event. When asked if the liberty movement is growing, Walter Block answered in a definite yes. When he met Murray Rothbard, the intellectual godfather of the movement, they guessed that there were probably around 25 libertarians in the world. Now that number has exploded into the millions thanks to the work of people like Ayn Rand and Ron Paul. The future of liberty looks bright despite increasing state control in every part of our lives.

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for future liberty events in Vancouver! Not only is Press for Truth is out here, but Richard Heathen of Liberty Machine News has relocated as well! Not to mention, a branch of the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada has opened up out here, which means liberty and Austrian economic books for sale! Move over environmental-fascists, liberty is gaining ground on the “Left” Coast of Canada!

Also, be sure to check out Anarchapulco, the first international anarchist/anarcho-capitalist conference of its type. Set in beautiful Acapulco, Mexico this event will include speeches by Tim Moen, Dan Dicks, Luke Rudkowski, Jeff Berwick and many more. Get your tickets at Anarchapulco.com/tickets and use the promo code PFT and save 10%!!! http://anarchapulco.com/tickets/

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