VIDEO — 2/11/2015 — Aircraft CAUGHT SPRAYING live on RADAR — Making an actual “Storm”!

Feb 11, 2015

UPDATE 400pm EST Feb 12, 2015:

More aircraft are back in the area doing the same thing!!! Again producing a storm return. Full post showing this new event here:



Aircraft caught spraying over the WHOLE of South Florida — Weather Modification after sunset seen live on RADAR

Actually produces a storm return, and storm designation from the National Weather Service!

Full website post covering this event here: http://dutchsinse.com/2112015-aircraf…


Hidden by the cover of night, beginning just after sunset on February 11 2015, a series of aircraft deposited multiple plumes of unknown substances over the entire Southern portion of Florida.

Key West Naval Air Station at the very center of this RADAR display (where the RADAR is location) is NOT really covered by these aircraft. Thus eliminating “military chaff” over the air station as the “cause” of these long lasting jet plumes.

Let’s not forget to mention the size of this aerosol release, covering multiple thousand square miles in less than a few hours with at LEAST 10 different jets.

We know these are jet aircraft due to their speed, and we know its not a “chaff” release to hide the base, since these aerosols were left across the State , then travel out to the Atlantic ocean (opposite direction of any military base in the USA).

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