VIDEO — Morris Update 3

Mar 15, 2015

Morris speaks with Joaquin via Skype from his hospital bed in Cambodia. He is in stable condition, has some energy, we see him returning steadily to the Morris we know – but only if he completes his treatment. That is the big challenge right now.

Our ‘mystery man on the ground’ has affirmed that also according to his doctor, failing to complete treatment can see a total relapse within a few days, death within 10 days, and a high risk of non-responsiveness to anti-biotics (due to immunity) – this is normal if one does not complete the course.

We respect and even agree with the view that anti-biotics are terrible. They are. It’s a sub-optimal treatment which can also damage organs and the immune system.

However, this was all that was available to him. The anti-biotics do induce an immuno-suppressed condition. There is no doubt about that. This we do not disagree with.

The problem is that this was the course already started when he was in a coma. We did not choose this for him either. If he stops the treatment, the immuno-suppressed condition of the anti-biotics could see a total relapse and colonization of the bacterial infection which caused his meningitis.

This is the main problem right now. Also, we have been very moved by the outpouring of support so far. We ask only to those who haven’t given yet, to give a little something.

People may be surprised by our reach – the numbers who are seeing this seem to be well beyond the numbers that youtube counts – we know this from the letters and donations of support so far.

Please join us, with anything at all you can give, to get Morris back together again.

For the doubters, negativistic/contrarian personality disorder types, and paranoiacs, this is just another large piece of incontrovertible evidence that not only is Morris coming out of a state of total incapacitation, but that Joaquin Flores has been chiefly responsible for coordinating his care, issues with the hospital, and the British Embassy.

[via Save Morris facebook page, Mar 18, 2015: “Morris has checked into a hotel, and gone to see a British doctor that we set up for him named Dr. Scott. Dr. Scott has cleared him, thank god, and according to Morris says there is no fever, no problem with lungs, or other signs of meningitis.

Generally, good news so far.”]


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