VIDEO — CIA Dr Robert Duncan Tryone Dew interview

by Jonal Oeight
Feb 2, 2015

Very Important that all Targeted Individuals understand the TRUTH about what we are dealing with. Here is a video of a long term victim of the program interviewing a man (Dr. Robert Duncan) who can be utilized as a asset to the community of those chosen without consent to be placed in a experimentation matrix that involves the most tragic methods of full out torture. This program being funded with the money earned by hard working people worldwide spares no expense to create simulated environments to test and re test methods of remote torture and mind control.

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  1. El

    Ok,so now we know we can do whatever the mind concieves..literally be gods. But so what? All mental activity is escape from what? The question is: is what these scientists and engineer’s doing making the human race happier? Is each individual going to feel greater and greater moments of happiness and fullfilment as a result? If not then its only a game in the playground of intelligence for a few,which is their escape from that they will not face which is the truth that the heart is the prime mover of happiness.

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    June 14, 2017 at 5:50 PM

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