DOCUMENTARY — 432 Activists

via 432 Activists
Feb 12, 2018

In 1955 the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) adopts A4 = 440 Hz. Since then this frequency is used as reference for all musical instruments, acoustic equipment and sound warnings.  A growing community of musicians, scientists, and therapists advocating a new standard tuned at A4 = 432 Hz.  This documentary brings together some of the world’s top 432 Activists.

1 – Scientific Pitch, Giuseppe Verdi and Schiller Institute
2 – CARisMA Guitar Duo
3 – The ISAACS Nature’s Symphony in 432
4 – Lynda Arnold and Torkom Ji on California Healing Scene
5 – Stellar and Health of Devine Human Voice
6 – Awaken Love Band and Sri Prem Baba
7 – GianMarco Sanna and The Geminiani Project
8 – Giordano Sandalo and Bagno di Suono
9 – ZuMusic and Ayahuasca
10 – Ananda Bosman and Merkaba Music on Psytrance Scene
11 – Jamie Buturff and Chakra Tones
12 – John Stuart Reid and Cymascope
13 – Jain 108 and Sacred Geometry
14 – The Birth of Mathematical Mythologies

The scientific pitch, also known as philosophical pitch or Verdi tuning, is an absolute concert pitch standard which is based on middle C (C4) set to 256 Hz. Proposed in 1713 by French physicist Joseph Sauveur, promoted by Giuseppe Verdi in the 19th century, then advocated by the Schiller Institute beginning in 1988. The correct way to approach tuning is to relate it to the physiology of the voice. The Scientific Pitch allow the trained voices of opera singers to shift registers at very specific frequencies.

Read some excerpts from the 432 Activists documentary:

“What happens if the tuning is arbitrarily raised from C = 256 Hz? The octaves divides in the wrong place and destroys the geometry of the musical system, destroys the agreement between music and the laws of the universe, and finally destroys the human voice itself.” – Jonathan Tennenbaum – The Foundations of Scientific Musical Tuning. Published on Schiller Institute website in 1992

“- When i sing in 432 I can reach the Soprano and the Coltralto. It allows my voice to simply open and actually fly. Giving me an incredible tone that i can never reach in the standard picth tuned at 440 Hz” – Stellar

“- The kind of music you hear certainly has an impact. But even the frequency of the music you hear has an impact. This is crazy. We recorded the entire album on 432 instead of 440 because this is the nature’s frequency” – The ISSACS Natures Frequency in 432. Grammy 2017 nominated.

“- The violin screamed in my ear and I did not understand why. So I decided to do another diploma, in viola. And the viola also screamed … It was not the violin and it was not the viola. It was the frequency.” – GianMarco Sanna

“- When you really start listening, after returning to 440, you notice that something is wrong. It’s like the difference between organic and industrialized food. This is the next step of music. Of the sound.” – Matan Dahan, 432 Player App.

“- In the Cymascope App we can make the comparison between any note tuned at 440 and the same note tuned at 432. The least stable tuning in the cimatic patterns is the 440 … If we magnify a water molecule, we can literally see the pattern on the surface of the cells. Now we know that all the sounds around us go through our body. Just like music. Especially the bass sounds. Creating structures in the fluid of our body. And this has a huge implication for medical science.” – John Stuart Reid

“- Psytrance Festivals happening at the same time in different locations, tuned at 432 Hz. With 72 or 144 BPM that are the carrier wave that allows 8 Hz to be intentionally woven into cells; Accessing this source code in our sound, in our music and in our practices is the renaissance. Psytrance is a massive resurgence of the healing of species that are overloaded by technological information. We are the shamanic pioneers for the unconscious of this modernity. This is the future, it is inevitable. This is a better Trance. A better dance. A better party”. – Ananda Bosman

“- The tuning 432 Hz creates intervals and tones that have harmonic effects on the human being. Similar to Rudolf Steiner suggested the pitch set to C = 256 Hz gives the A note the value of 432 Hz. That is why it was called the “Philosopher’s C” because it was a Celebration of Advanced Human Knowledge being in tune with the Cosmos, Time and Space.” – Jain 108

“- Mathematical mythologies were born when men began to count the astrological cycles. The most important mythological number in the story is 432,000.” – Joseph Campbell

“- Twenty years ago when the Schiller Institute started I was shocked by the big names. Today, if you go on YouTube or Facebook, there are people from Russia, I have a colleague in Bulgaria, in Brazil … Italy is full of people crazy about 432. This is spreading very fast.” – GianMarco Sanna


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