VIDEO — Organic Matrix – Personal Story

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Nov 21, 2018

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We all have a lot to learn.

[Potent News editor’s note: Gematria is the ancient practice of turning letters into numbers so that you can attain the sum of the numbers of a specific word’s letters and hence a numerical value of that word. This allows you to detect alignment/patterns/synchronicities/”coincidences” between various words/things/events/people/places/times because often the numerical values of words which relate to each other turn out to be the same.

There are various methods of representing letters by converting them into numbers and those methods are called “ciphers” (often listed in brackets after the number).

So, for instance, my own name’s numerical value matches my website’s name’s numerical value and I did not plan it out like that.

“Amir Alwani” = 47 (Full Reduction)
“Potent News” = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The release date of this video is November 21, 2018 which marks the 325th day of the year.

“The Organic Matrix” = 325 (Reverse Francis Bacon)

So you can begin to see that these synchronicities can pertain to anything that involves numbers, which is pretty much everything, and if you do some digging you’ll find this is including – but not limited to – a given date-span duration as well as single dates/times, etc.  That is what numerology is so, for instance, it’s been known that the number of the day you were born reveals your special skills.  In a world where many people think everything is just “random”, most of this means nothing to most observers, but if you don’t look you will not see and we can only begin to understand the scope of what is going on if we bother to look.

This date of November 21st, 2018 also marks the date that I finished creating and publishing my latest song which I decided that day to title “The Organic Matrix” since this subject has been heavily on my mind daily for a long time now – and because I checked to see if the date aligned with the phrase and it did – and I admittedly thought it was very fitting that Derek Tikkuri had same morning released this video (though I had no seen it yet until now).  In previous conversations I’ve had with Derek Tikkuri what I’ve found particularly synchronous was that both me and him have a calico cat named “Phantom”.  Mine is technically currently my mother’s cat and lives with her but it was “my” cat when I was growing up in that house too.  I think my mom’s cat is approximately 16 years old now.  Also, you see the number 33 mentioned in this video quite a bit and…

“Phantom” = 33 (Full Reduction) & 1047 (Reverse Extended)
“Energy” = 147 (Franc Baconis)
“Gematria” = 147 (Franc Baconis)
“Numerology” = 147 (KFW Kabbalah) & 147 (LCH Kabbalah)
Derek Tikkuri is a popular guest on The Gematria Effect radio show.
“The Gematria Effect” = 147 (Jewish Ordinal)

For the last 9 months or so I’ve been heavily practicing Tarot.

“Tarot” = 147 (Franc Baconis)

As we’ve learned from Umi Mahuy’s gematria videos we also see the following:

“Magic” = 33 (English Ordinal)
“Name” = 33 (English Ordinal)
“Name” has the same letters as “Amen” so that’s also 33.
“Destiny” = 33 (Full Reduction)
“Manifest” = 33 (Full Reduction)

Be my guest if you want to say all that is “random”.  Here are more instances of 147 and 33 amassed in the Potent News web-brain database.]

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