VIDEO — Carl Jung and the Psychology of the Man-Child

via Academy of Ideas
Jun 5, 2019

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  1. Michael Freed

    I know why this is: why people retain infantile aspects. someone had stumbled upon a great insight: the faith we have in our fathers in childhood do not disappear after it: they morph. they shift onto new targets. Rejection by our fathers is something no child will face. No matter how abusive Daddy gets, there is no close second or close ten billionth Dad. There’s one.
    Only one.
    Then, in adolescence, if our immediate peers reject us, suddenly Daddy can’t possibly console us. The blind, instinctive loyalty has SHIFTED, not disappeared!
    In adulthood, it’s Central Authority & society: the two are conflated. Our more complex adult minds accepts all aspects of both as “Daddy, My One And Only Living Protector.” And we retain the (false in this case) fear that there is no close secondary substitute.
    What’s more, since these are all surrogates for the original actual father we either really have lost by now, or emotionally moved on from, people cling more tightly to surrogates than face again the heartache of loss.
    So no matter what aspects of society, conformity, faith, unquestioning loyalty a person develops, they cling to them like a parent. People cannot hold politicians accountable for their crimes because they = government = Daddy.
    Damn how I wish even ONE PERSON would engage in this conversation!

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    January 17, 2021 at 12:28 AM

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