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MUST SEE — History… Connected: Merging the Trivium Method with Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

Tragedy and Hope
History… Connected
: Merging the Trivium Method with Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

July 12, 2013

[Potent News editor’s note: Please take this Nonviolent Communication with a grain of salt.

I was given a tip by a Potent News reader (named Ryan Elson from dissembling.org) who basically informed me that Tides Canada provides training which includes programs derived from individuals involved in “Nonviolent Communication”, and “The Haven Institute”.  Tides Canada is partly funded by George Soros.  We all know how much of a criminal Soros is.

Here’s an excerpt from the Tides Canada website:

“The Inner Activist is a program designed to help change makers, social entrepreneurs, leaders and activists be radically more effective in their life-serving work.

The curriculum was developed by prominent activists, trainers and educators from six different personal development organizations that include: Learning as Leadership, The Haven Institute, Non Violent Communication, The Process Institute, The Work That Reconnects and Anima Leadership.

People who take our programs get up close and personal with who they really are and how their inner experience drives their behaviour – from their core issues, triggers and ego diversions to getting in their own way.  They learn how to work from their source and noble goals. These new skills, through coaching and mentoring, are then applied to developing important and meaningful alliances and building sustainable social change practices.”

Also, when I saw this video of Marshall Rosenburg, the creator of Nonviolent Communication, I noticed the words “Teilhard de Chardin” in the video description and recalled that Teilhard influenced Terrence McKenna, as we learned from Jan Irvin’s research.  By the way, Marshall’s initial line of reasoning in the video also didn’t resonate with me and I may expand on this later.  The Teilhard connection is interesting since it, as we saw earlier from Irvin’s research, has to do with the piltdown hoax that paved the way for McKenna’s stoned ape theory, a theory which Irvin’s research indicates is actually ultimately propaganda that lulls us into a new dark age.  Also noteable, once you get to part 3 of that Marshall Rosenburg video it starts to have an Agenda 21 collectivist stench to it, again reminiscent of McKenna’s “archaic revival”.

Anyway, I also recalled that Irvin mentioned that McKenna was part of the Esalen Institute and I was surprised to see “Esalen” also pop up in the other link that the Potent News reader gave me, which was this PDF article about “Hollyhock” and in it we also see the name “The Haven Institute” pop up which is another organization that Soros’ Tides Canada’s “Inner Activist” program derives its trainers from, as I’ve learned from Ryan Elson. (UPDATE: Since I posted the link for that PDF and brought it to Irvin’s attention, hollyhock.ca removed it from their website but fortunately Irvin was able to save a copy here prior to its removal).

Ryan also informed me that Hollyhock is run by Joel Soleman’s wife and Joel Soloman is on the board of directors at Tides Canada.  When I looked into Hollyhock I found out they are pushing the carbon scam, which also is conveniently congruent with Agenda 21.]


Tonight, on History So It Doesn’t Repeat: We feature a presentation by Tragedy and Hope researcher Darrell Becker, discovering how to formulate effective Critical Thinking (via the Trivium Method) and empathetic communication skills (via NVC); And how by carefully selecting our words, we can all be the change we want to see in the world. Learning’s the Answer, What’s the Question? It’s all coming up next, on History So It Doesn’t Repeat.

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