Bashar: 2012 – The End of the Quarantine [audio]

Conscious Life News
April 14, 2012

Bashar answers a question about a transition and mass landings beginning in 2012.

Bashar: You are going through a many decade transition right now.  2012 is just a fulcrum point… The idea of the 2012 demarcation is not only the idea that you will finally tip the scale to slightly more collective positive energy on the planet than negative; it is also what has been euphemistically referred to as quarantine of your world.  So, while it is totally possible that all of our ships could land the very next day, it is highly unlikely because you’re not ready.  The idea, however, is that after that date, our (for lack of a better term) laws will not prevent us from landing.  We will take our queue from that point forward TOTALLY from when you all actually demonstrate that you are ready for open contact.  Nothing will hold us back anymore.

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