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Bashar :: Rising from the Ashes highlights [video]

Bashar Communications
August 10, 2012

In this exciting Phoenix event, Bashar explains how to transform outdated systems and ideas into a positive and dynamic new reality. Visit http://www.Bashar.org for ordering information. Q&A includes: What is the mechanics behind bending spoons as in “The Matrix”?
How can the Higher Mind bring me what I visualize?
What will happen at the end of the Mayan Cycle on 12/21/12?
Does Bashar laugh?
Which permission slip is right for me?
How do I clear a negative belief?
How does free will work when all universes currently exist in parallel?
What are the boom noises going on in different parts of the world?
How are dolphins connected to Sirius consciousness?
How does animal consciousness differ from human consciousness as far as re-incarnation and soul growth?

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Bashar – “Wholeness of Being” – June 20, 2010 [video]

Youtube — BasharCommunications
June 20, 2010

Bashar: 2012 – The End of the Quarantine [audio]

Conscious Life News
April 14, 2012

Bashar answers a question about a transition and mass landings beginning in 2012.

Bashar: You are going through a many decade transition right now.  2012 is just a fulcrum point… The idea of the 2012 demarcation is not only the idea that you will finally tip the scale to slightly more collective positive energy on the planet than negative; it is also what has been euphemistically referred to as quarantine of your world.  So, while it is totally possible that all of our ships could land the very next day, it is highly unlikely because you’re not ready.  The idea, however, is that after that date, our (for lack of a better term) laws will not prevent us from landing.  We will take our queue from that point forward TOTALLY from when you all actually demonstrate that you are ready for open contact.  Nothing will hold us back anymore.

Message from the Arcturian Group – April 22, 2012

Arcturian GroupConscious Life News

The Arcturian Group channeled through Marilyn Raffaele.
(Oneness Of All)

April 22, 2012

We come once again to inform you that there are many changes about to take place in your world. Be not afraid as you observe changes to that which you have always known to be a certain way. Be not afraid when edifices of power begin to crumble, for the time is drawing very near to when you will be seeing truth come bursting forth onto your planet in many forms–forms of informational news, forms of talk among yourselves, and forms of the visiting of planetary brothers and sisters who now await the correct time to enter into the picture. This is all part of spiritual evolution which will not be fully complete by the end of this year as many have been led to believe, but is well on its way.

All is proceeding according to plan. All is moving quickly forward into new ways of seeing and being. That which is finished is finished, however remember that it is you who are creating your new world, not us. Many tend to await the arrival of others to change things. It is your enlightened awareness that is manifesting as your outer world. You are the creators. That is why we often cannot answer questions asked about what is going to happen, because we do not know what you are choosing to create. We too are watching and waiting as you create a new enlightened world.

This is a time of strife, loss, and suffering for many but these experiences have been necessary in order to shift humanity out of their comfort zones, so to speak. There are still many, who unless forced, will choose to simply remain steadfast in what is old and finished regardless of how unsatisfying it may have become for them. All who are ready, are now in the process of clearing physical cellular memory as well as any dormant energies still within the emotional and mental bodies. This is necessary in order to assimilate the new and higher frequencies of ONE–frequencies of Light and unconditional love. These clearings can at times be uncomfortable. Your job is to allow the process, rest more if you need it, but do not claim that which is leaving, back in. This is often inadvertently done through saying; “I am so depressed, I am so this or that…” which occurs because you are re-experiencing some of these old frequencies as they release. Often you feel them as physical or emotional discomfort, but as spiritually aware individuals your job is to simply allow the process. If an issue keeps presenting itself to your thought, then look at it, for it may be something needing to be released in a more conscious way through an honest examination of your belief system.

What about unconditional love? What is unconditional love? It is not the dreamy romantic view that television shows, movies, magazines would have you believe. Nor does unconditional love mean being anyone’s door mat. Unconditional Love is an attained state of consciousness that sees through appearances to the truth. Unconditional love manifests through an innate recognition of mankind’s spiritual nature in spite of whatever human frailties they may be manifesting. Unconditional love is a consciousness that sees humor in the world, and is not governed by strict and rigid rules declaring that an individual must live only in accord with a particular set of concepts in order to be loveable. Unconditional Love is the ability to say what needs to be said, which may on occasion have to be firm or even seemingly harsh, while within remembering that the individual or individuals are spiritual beings. This way, the words carry and energy of love and do not reflect the negative.

Unconditional love is the ever present realization of ones own self as divine being in spite of personal failings. It is a recognition of the ONE manifest as the many. It is an ability to see loving humor those situations humans often find themselves in, and also in those who may seem different or “odd” by current human standards. It is an appreciation for differences among people and an understanding of their point of view without entering into their particular energy field. Unconditional love is also the recognition that since there is only One Life, it is the life of all living things, and not just human beings.

This understanding is a facet of your awakening process dear ones, you are quickly moving into a deeper and more true awareness of unconditional love but it often takes a so called disaster to force some individuals to actually look into another’s eyes and recognize that in spite of social, economic, or racial differences, all are spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not saying that unconditional love means becoming best friends with everyone you meet, but we are saying that like it or not, the new energy is one of unconditional love and if you choose ascension for your path, you must begin to accept that in spite of appearances, all living things are in and of the One Divine Source for It is all there is.

We are the Arcturian Group

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