Bashar :: Rising from the Ashes highlights [video]

Bashar Communications
August 10, 2012

In this exciting Phoenix event, Bashar explains how to transform outdated systems and ideas into a positive and dynamic new reality. Visit http://www.Bashar.org for ordering information. Q&A includes: What is the mechanics behind bending spoons as in “The Matrix”?
How can the Higher Mind bring me what I visualize?
What will happen at the end of the Mayan Cycle on 12/21/12?
Does Bashar laugh?
Which permission slip is right for me?
How do I clear a negative belief?
How does free will work when all universes currently exist in parallel?
What are the boom noises going on in different parts of the world?
How are dolphins connected to Sirius consciousness?
How does animal consciousness differ from human consciousness as far as re-incarnation and soul growth?

© 2012 – All rights reserved. Music by Emmy Brunel.

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