Earth Day 2012. Is there a real reprieve for Gaia?

©Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri
Conscious Life News
April 22, 2012

 “The ‘control of nature’ is a phrase conceived in arrogance, borne of the Neanderthal age of biology and philosophy, when it was supposed that nature exists for the convenience of man.” ~ Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, 1962.

 Since Earth Day was founded in 1970, millions of people around the world have taken personal responsibility and participated in cleaning up their neighborhoods, parks, and beaches and do whatever each person could to help Gaia, our beleaguered Mother Earth. These are important and admirable steps. However, while both the organics movement (worth billions of consumer dollars) and many large environmental organizations could add hefty weight to the true meaning of helping Gaia, there is mostly silence. Many environmental groups have accepted significant funding from foundations that have ties to the elite. It’s called “controlled opposition.” So, these organizations can go to bat for our environment –but only up to a certain point. Some environmental topics are taboo: the real issues behind geo-engineering/Chemtrails; the many HAARP facilities around the world; a real stopping of the toxic spread of GMO’s; and the unending dangers of nuclear energy and nanotechnology.

Last year, the elite companies of the organics movement –now almost 40 year’s old– decided “to surrender to Monsanto.”(1) More than 25,000 supposed organic farmers were affected. This is a defacto take-over of whatever was left of the organics movement; and it gives the toxic agri-businesses global free reign to wreck the entire food chain with impunity. Who was paid off? Any real laws to protect consumers (either via the states or federal government) are non-existent. Our Constitution has been deliberately trashed. This was the Illuminati’s plan: to destroy our sovereignty, food supply, and financial base, and wreck our health –including our ability to think clearly. It is then quite easy to manipulate an entire population when they are unable to think clearly; and it can be easily done with fear tactics and theatrics (movies, TV programs, etc.). Deception is their modus operandi. There is a very long history of this.

Genetic engineering was brought to us by stealth and lies from the multi-national agribusinesses (Monsanto and Dow, Cargil, etc.) with support from a corrupt Congress. This is not a safe technology and never was.(2) The dangers of GMO’s are well documented. They are known to cause a four-fold increase in birth defects, still-births, genetic malformations, sterility, DNA damage, and massive poisoning of Gaia’s soil and all the beneficial micro-organisms in what was once a rich and true organic humus.(3)  Most of this research (some of it going back 20 years) has been silenced through a compliant and tightly controlled mass media (85 percent of news print, radio, and TV is owned by five corporations).

However, the bigger picture of massive corporate pollution –that has accelerated tremendously over the past 12 years, and destroyed millions of acres– is that it goes unpunished. Multi-national corporations (147 key companies) and the dark cabal behind this on-going nightmare are never held accountable.  See:


and see also, Stephen Lendman’s new book, “How Wall Street Fleeces America.”

The good news with all this is: there are numerous and credible reports that accountability and the multi-pronged criminality, so all pervasive in all governments, may soon be coming to an end.


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