Free Syrian Army Uploading Evidence of Bombings Before They Happen [video included]

Friends of Syria
May 10, 2012

This film has been shown around the world in the media today, but it was published on Youtube yesterday, before the bombing actually happened. Claiming to be todays bomb blast. 

The film claims to be the bomb blast in Damascus today, so the Free Syrian Army who made this film obviously knew that the blast was going to happen today. They then try to blame it on the Government, saying it was not them. Just like a little kid with chocolate all its face saying “I didn’t eat any chocolate”.

Just as we have seen in the past the terrorists set up the camera before they set the explosions. They are using one of their old films and claiming it is todays blast and as with all the terrorist films, they are citing religious quotes.

Most crimes videos have videos uploaded few days before talking about it as if it has been already happened. Regarding this video, a citizen or outisder against Syria is talking in a very happy tone saying “Allah Akbar, Here are the ambulances running to collect their LOSSES” he’s considering the victims as “Losers” He doesnt know that yet, those are our losses, Syria’s losses, they preferred to be ” a Loss” instead of being a country’s traitors!!

The evidence is on the film, just look at the date it was published and the date it claimed to be.

The Free Syrian Army claim to be doing this for freedom for Syrians, but instead they are just killing them. One member of the Free Syrian Army was quoted as saying “We are doing this for Freedom, whatever Freedom is.”


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