‘Friends of Syria’ Group you have Blood on Your Hands for these 2 Terrorist Bombs [video included]

Friends of Syria
May 10, 2012

The so called “Friends of Syria” meeting in Istanbul, which agreed to pay salaries and continue giving weapons to Terrorists to de-rail the Kofi Annan’s 6 Point plan which was set up just one week before.

Two Terrorist Bombs shook Damascus early this morning, killing dozens of innocent civilians. The bombs targeted the buildings which were by security forces to stamp out the terrorism.

This comes just days after Bashar Al Jaafari spoke at the UN, telling he world he had evidence of the terrorist groups and had arrested terrorists from outside of Syria. We can only surmise that the aim of the terrorists is to destroy this evidence.

All of the countries represented at this meeting are responsible for the innocent people who have been killed by terrorists. Hillary Clinton shouting her mouth off, with words of warning to Bashar Al Assad, paying salaries to terrorist and suppling arms, or should we say the State Department gives the money to Freedom House to fund the terrorists with weapons. Just so that Hillary can say they are not doing it. Even though she is the one who sets  the State Department budget and how it is spent.

Any country which is training these terrorists are also guilty of these atrocities.


BBC reporter Lyse Doucet who was at the scene after the attack told how the Syrian people took to the street chanting their support for Bashar Al Assad. Many of the people she spoke to, told her they blamed Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey for the attack. The death toll so far is 55 killed, 372 injured (Civilian & Military) and 15 unidentified remains.


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