Counter Terrorism Drill Takes Over Downtown Hamilton [videos included]

by Terry Wilson
Canadian Awareness Network

October 31, 2012

Late yesterday evening I received a text message asking what was happening with the military downtown. Not being aware of what my friend was talking about, I jumped on the computer and sure enough this is what I found.

“Helicopters from the Special Ops Aviation Squadron will be conducting low altitude training around the Stelco Tower on King Street West.

The drills are for counterterrorism training.

The squad is part of the Canadian special operations force and in addition to counterterrorism it provides armed assistance to other government departments. ”

This is not the first time our military has used the downtown of a city for this training.

Military exercise in downtown Windsor

By the admission of the spokesperson in the video from Windsor, these exercises are for “if we need to support local law enforcement or respond to some kind of a security incident in a high rise building”. This is not training for “over seas” counter terrorism. This is training to suppress Canadians in Canadian cities!

Here is some raw footage from the first night of the drills in Hamilton.

According to thespec.com

“Ward 2 Coun. Jason Farr is demanding the training stop after he received complaints from downtown residents.

The squadron says residents should not be alarmed as the training has been co-ordinated with the city, aviation authorities and the owners of Stelco Tower.

However, Farr said no consultation took place with either him, downtown residents or businesses in the area until late Tuesday afternoon.

“This flawed process has created great angst for seniors and young families, all of which could have been avoided with public consultation,” he said. “In light of what has clearly established itself as an unacceptable noise issue I have made a request to our Chief of Police that this operation be aborted immediately.”

I personally do not think the drills will be aborted. So I will be on location again tonight. Stayed tuned for a detailed report once everything has finished.

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