MUST SEE: The Corbett Report | Interview 672 – Jan Irvin on the CIA, MK-ULTRA, and the Creation of the Drug Culture

The Corbett Report
June 3, 2013

Today we’re joined by author and research Jan Irvin of GnosticMedia.com to discuss his groundbreaking new article, co-authored with Joe Atwill, “Manufacturing the Deadhead: A product of social engineering…” Piecing together the CIA, Skull and Bones, the Esalin Institute, Gordon Wasson, Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary, Marshal McLuhan, MK-ULTRA and much more, this fascinating tale of the real roots of the 60s counterculture is backed up by primary source documents and original research.

Podcast: Play in new window | Download

[UPDATE: Here’s the video…]


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