VIDEO — Terrence McKenna ADMITTED He Was A GOVERNMENT AGENT – Esalen Institute 1994

YouTube — 777RealHistory777
Sept 14, 2013

Though his followers will deny this forever, it is actually undeniable what has recently surfaced about Terrence McKenna in my opinion, and in the opinions of many others as well. McKenna was ALWAYS a liar about conspiracies and would belittle anyone who mentioned them, though he knew many of those subject matters were absolutely REAL according to his close friends. He seems to have been another Timothy Leery type of figure who has been handled since as far back as his CIA created 1960’s “counter culture” movement. There is much mystery surrounding his death also, but that is another story all together. **** Note that I am a MAJOR supporter of both marijuana and natural entheogens such as mushrooms…… BUT any famous guru figure in these so called “peace and love change the world” movements are usually some sort of agenda based agents / culture creation programs being carried out.*****

****** McKenna was also a major figure in some of the very early HYPE and PROPAGANDA LIES surrounding the so called Mayan prophecy of 2012, as his mid 1990’s appearance on the classic paranormal Sightings t.v. show was all based around his HYPE and SALES PITCH of a software program called Timewave Zero for 2012.******

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