UPDATE-Alberta Flood: RCMP Confiscating Guns from Registered Owners [videos included]

by Frankie Gotz
Canadian Awareness Network
July 2, 2013


OTTAWA – The chief spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper is urging the RCMP to return guns seized from homes in flooded-out High River, Alta., and focus on other tasks instead.

RCMP officers, assisted by Canadian Forces personnel, have entered an unknown number of homes in the flood zone in High River that had been evacuated by their owners. A video made by the police shows them searching for pets, people or other hazardous items.

RCMP have said that if they found an unsecured firearm in the home, they seized it for safekeeping and plan to return it to the owner.

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RICK BELL - Tensions high in High River as Mounties seize guns from evacuees' homesCredits: REUTERS/ANDY CLARK


HIGH RIVER, AB – Oh, yes. Temperature rising. Oh, is it rising.

Then we hear about the guns.

With tensions on the edge anyone with two bits of sense to rub together can’t imagine a worse thing to hear.

The Mounties scoop “a large quantity of firearms” from homes in the near ghost town of High River while the population is kept out under an evacuation order.

The guns are now in the local cop shop and can be picked up when the proof of ownership is produced.

Premier Alison Redford defends the police as she stands Thursday afternoon in the Cargill plant north of this town of 13,000.

“I think what we need to understand is these are exceptional circumstances,” says the premier, adding the gun-snatching move was talked about for other places.

The word on the street, though not the High River streets which are empty, is some folks took their guns out of basement safes so they wouldn’t be damaged. Then they locked up their house.

The police and the army go in, search the houses and … gee whiz … they see the guns and take them out of the house the owner had to leave on orders of the government.

At this time, the authorities don’t contemplate any charges of unsafe storage.

As we begin to digest that nugget, we hear about the 50 or so trying to get into the part of town where the houses don’t look bad at all.

The Mounties and the citizens standoff. Angry words are exchanged as they are the day before at the Highway 2 exit. A spike belt is put down.

Spike belts are seen at other locations.

After the toe-to-toe Wednesday between the mayor and severely steaming citizens, the press are escorted by RCMP Thursday into the town to talk to officials. They say it is for our safety. We laugh.

It is the one place the people of High River cannot go.
The High River residents vow to try to walk into town Friday.

Then we hear from the Mounties about three people under cover of darkness breaching the police perimeter. They want to go home.

The trio are intercepted, arrested, detained and removed. Charges are possible.

The Mounties tell us they now have 160 officers in this town and have “created a security envelope around the community.”

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Video report below on the contents above (courtesy MrCensorMe3):


“This is without precedent, this is unreasonable search and seizure,” said Ed Burlew, lawyer and firearms specialist in Ontario.  “The

entry was illegal, it’s against the charter, it was unreasonable search and seizure. There’s no judge that would uphold the evidence obtained through an illegal entry into a person’s home.”

Political leaders say since there is an emergency, police should do what they have to do.


There is no special provision in the Criminal Code that allows the police to enter the homes of gun owners during a time of an emergency,” said Solomon Friedman, lawyer and firearms specialist in Ottawa. “The firearms act is often used by police as a pretext to gain access to private residences that they would not be able to gain access to, the ironic thing here is that if these people were convicted pedophiles the police would not be allowed to enter their homes without warrant, it’s kind of sad that gun owners have to fight for the same rights as any convicted criminals.”

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Ever since I found out the flood happened and people got evacuated I started speculating that police officers would soon start confiscating guns like they did with other natural disasters in the U.S.  I’ve read horror stories about forceful gun confiscation that happened in New Orleans- Hurricane Katrina and talks of doing it in New York- Hurricane Sandy.  Police confiscating guns from legal gun owners and police shooting and killing civilians.

Published April 04, 2012
Associated Press
NEW ORLEANS –  Five former New Orleans police officers were sentenced Wednesday to prison terms ranging from six to 65 years for their roles in deadly shootings of unarmed residents in the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina, with the judge lashing out at prosecutors for two hours on their handling of the case.

Police shot six people at a bridge on Sept. 4, 2005, killing two, less than a week after Katrina made landfall. To make the shootings appear justified, officers conspired to plant a gun, fabricate witnesses and falsify reports.

 Continue Reading… (www.foxnews.com)

Door to Door Gun Confiscation New Orleans:

The RCMP is not  taking them by pointing guns at citizens, but they are forcefully taking guns from citizens by sneaking into their and not allow any of the citizens back into their neighbourhoods even though there are some places that are safe to go back to.  It’s official, in the U.S and in Canada, under ‘emergency situations’ the police are allowed to do unreasonable seizure.

2 min video explaining how the guns were taken in Calgary Alberta (courtesy CanadianReich):


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