Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan experience extreme weather – Is geo-engineering the culprit?

source – http://DDees.com

by Amir Alwani
July 20, 2013

Yesterday, shortly after the questionable HAARP-shut-down reports made their way around the internet and were refuted by Dutchsinse and others, there were over 30 tornado warnings in Ontario.   Quebec also suffered extreme weather (1 person died) and so did Saskatchewan.  Golf-ball sized hail was seen in Regina.

In Quebec The Weather Network reported,

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power across southern Quebec due to the intense weather.

Fallen trees and downed power lines left a lot of work for Hydro Quebec employees.

At its peak, Montreal and the Laurentians had over 130,000 people without power.

There are still widespread power outages.

Currently almost 60,000 people have no electricity in Montreal, over 110,000 in the Laurentians and 69,000 people are without power in Laval.

You can find a list of affected areas here:

For Ontario, The Weather Network reported,

At one point, more than 2.5 million people across southern Ontario were under a tornado warning — major population centres stretching from Niagara Falls through to Mississauga and Peel Region, along with areas near Orangeville, Barrie and parts of Ottawa.

Those were eventually dropped, with no tornadoes confirmed, but Environment Canada says at least three funnel clouds were reported.

Here’s a video of the rain in Hamilton:

This news anchor at The Weather Network was mentioning that a caller had said something like “I’ve never seen clouds that look like that in my life” and she attempted to reassure us that these are indeed normal “mammatus clouds” (although it seems that this 5minute video was taken down and replaced by a 2minute video where they do not discuss the mammatus clouds).

Are they normal?

I did a search for these clouds and found some that looked even more dramatic (1, 2).  Even if these clouds are associated with storms, are we not indeed seeing a dramatic increase in storms and odd weather all over the world?

A couple weeks ago Toronto got flooded.  A few weeks before that, Calgary got flooded and then the RCMP came in and took people’s guns, Katrina-style.  There were compelling arguments saying that geo-engineering played a significant/direct role in the Calgary floodsIndia had at least 130 people die due to flooding a couple weeks before that.  Europe had massive flooding a few weeks ago and there was so much other news happening at the time that I could barely report on it.  All I was able to find before it became “old news” was an article titled “Iran condoles with German flood victims”.

Right now at 8:18am, the day after the tornado warning in Ottawa I’m seeing a chemtrail right above me and the sky getting whiter and whiter (…in fact, now as I finish and proofread this article, the sky has become completely white).

In this next shot we can see what appears to be chemtrails sprayed above the clouds during the storm in Montreal.  If these are not chemtrails then they are definitely really straight long clouds seemingly stretching all the way across the sky.

(UPDATE #1: Or they are a window’s reflection of light fixtures on the roof of a building this photo was taken from if this photo was taken inside and behind a window.  Regardless, this type of geo-engineering is known to happen and it is well documented that scientists have tried to mitigate the effects of hurricanes and tornadoes via aerosols before.  I also see the spraying here occur obfuscated behind clouds often, almost like they’re trying to hide the operations.  I tweeted this tweeter and am awaiting a response about the nature of the photo…)

(UPDATE #2: The author of the tweet replied and confirmed that this photo was indeed shot from inside and those are indeed lights reflecting off his window.  I would like to apologize to the readers and I will make a greater effort to inspect photos more closely in the future.  It seems this window-reflection thing happens often.  That being said, the core message of this article remains intact.)

Whether or not this crazy weather is directly geo-engineered to inflict and distract us with fear, etc., it is not far fetched to assume that geo-engineering at least somehow enters into the equation since 130 different countries around the world are engaged in weather modification with little or no oversight.  That is reckless.  Even if they will claim they are spraying to mitigate the effects of storms, it is still reckless and a decision like that still deserves to have as much public input as possible.  There needs to be more discussion about this in general.  Laws banning the use of weather as a weapon have been in place for decades yet most people are not even aware that humans can modify the weather.

To engage in these operations without our permission is disgusting and one of the highest crimes I can think of, regardless of if the intent is well-meaning.  It is negligent for a weather reporting station like The Weather Network to overlook this highly significant detail when reporting on extreme weather events, despite how overworked their staff may be.

Many think of the body as a living system and juxtapose the Earth’s body with ours, showing the rivers to be like bloodstreams and the forests to be like lungs.  Seen in this light, tampering with weather in even one region is gambling or would interfere with the Earth’s ability to perform homeostasis.  When we take a drug we want to know as much about that drug as possible so that we don’t screw ourselves up.  The Earth is currently subject to 130 or possibly hundreds of geo-engineering operations and how many of these are coordinated?  How many of these operations are done by people who know the ramifications of what they are doing?  How long will our habitat sustain such shortsighted behavior?

Maintaining balance is important and it is for this reason that people like Dane Wigington have published an in-depth powerpoint presentation titled “The Most Important Topic Of Our Time” which outlines the many grave ramifications of geoenegineering.

UPDATE #3: Frankie Gotz from Canadian Awareness Network kindly expanded on this article with his 9 Strong Points that prove that weather modifications projects have been happening since the early 1900′s

Amir Alwani is a musician and the founding editor of PotentNews.com.  Feel free to donate dollars or bitcoins to support his work.



4 responses

  1. L Jensen

    Thank you, Potentnews.com, for your work in making such important news available!


    July 22, 2013 at 1:47 AM

  2. pupma

    Lovely to read that some folks out there can add 2 plus 2 concerning our current weather issues and the devastation caused, by in my opinion Chemtrails. I believe mass die offs of our ocean inhabitants/birds/bees also are being affected as is human health in general from our food, air, soil and water are all getting “geo-engineered”. They do not know what they are doing and have no interest in the repercussions of their reckless action.

    I pray daily while watching them spray above me, for all the pilots to refuse one day, to do this spraying of us down here any longer. There is little else I can do as a 50 year old knowledgeable & informed woman.

    The big boys know nuke stuff is a hazard to all life, yet they are hell bent on destroying this planet, and probably space next. I see the plan to kill off half of the population clearly now.

    We humans are a sad stupid childish race who has lost common sense, compassion & empathy for all others, humans & animals along the way. All leaders are a complete mess as is planet Earth. We see what we have allowed to happen in every direction on most topics of importance. Our inaction allowed everything we hate to take place. By not taking action we condoned even the poisoning of ourselves and our children.




    July 22, 2013 at 11:16 AM

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